The People Choose…CATS!


Thank you, Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, for hosting this very fun Blog Hop, The People’s Choice!

Of course, eventually, the People would choose CATS! 🙂

I have always loved cats. My family has always had cats. When I was engaged to my husband I said I could not live without a cat. He said no. I said we would discuss it. We were married for about 7 months when we got our cat. He still does not love cats, but he tolerates Kiwi.

On to stitched cats! I have not stitched too many cats at all, surprisingly!

Here is a Mill Hill ornament:

And a Just Nan cat:

And a few Drawn Thread cats:

Here are the May cats of the Joyful World Calendar by Snowflower Diaries:

And of course, my Leaping Cat! (need to get it framed!):

And that’s it!

I know I do have some other cat charts in my stash. I should get to those!

My most cat-y cat piece was actually a present from my dear SIL. She thinks it’s funny that I still have it hanging up but I do love it, and I so appreciate her perfect work. She is really a much tidier stitcher than I am!

So that is all for my CATS post. I hope you will go back to Jo’s and see who else is a cat stitcher!

It was a quick stitch


I finished the Threadwork Primitives Quaker Carnations Pinwheel last week. I like it! It is stitched with the called for colors on Weeks Sanguine because I couldn’t get the Lakeside Clay Pot but the Sanguine works really well. It is a light terra cotta color that doesn’t show up well in the photo.

I started November from The Joyful World. It will have a big peacock on it.

I saw someone else’s version of this where they used a particular thread for the tail, Semiramis from Ninas Hand Dyed Threads. I loved it so much I had to order it for myself. I got a whole nice selection from Nina and they are beautiful threads!

You can order them on Etsy and I was very surprised how reasonable and fast the shipping was from Budapest. Nina also sells linens, yarns, and silk thread and ribbons. You can see I am trying some of the silk and ribbons too. Snowflower Diaries uses Ninas Threads so now I can make a few other of her patterns in my stash using her called for colors.

Let It Bee and the Next Thing


I finished Let It Bee! Once I finally got a pattern going for the lattice it went much faster. I’ll frame it later this week.

Right away I started Quaker Carnations Pinwheel from Threadwork Primitives. One of my favorite finishes is Quaker Birds Pinwheel so I am excited to have a companion for it. I’m stitching on Weeks Sanguine with the called for colors. I love how autumnal it is!

I also kitted my other Just Nan Owl, but I haven’t started it yet. Sometimes kitting is a job in itself!

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