Before and After


I am loving the Chatelaine Frosty Knot Garden. This weekend my husband and I watched The Hobbit. The Extended Edition. That thing is nearly 9 hours long. I liked the movie but I do not like watching battle scenes and there were many battle scenes. So, I got a lot of stitching in! Here are my before, during, and after pictures.

I got to a good stopping point so I am putting it down (So hard to do! I am really enjoying this stitch!) and taking up some other things that need attention. I can’t wait to share them with you in a few days when I have emerged from Middle Earth!

2018 Wrap Up: 34 Finishes


I can’t even believe it. I finished 34 projects (Or segments of bigger projects) last year. Now not all of them were started in 2018 so don’t be so impressed and think I started AND finished that many in one year! Or even suppose that all the final finishing was done! And yes most of them are small or ornament size. But I did finish a lot and I’m so proud.

I’ll try to include some info on the pieces in case you don’t want to hunt for the original posts.

FFO’d Smalls:

GPA English Sampler Pillow

Lounging Hare Pin Cushion Box from Sherri Jones’ class

Home Sweet Home Pin Pillow by Abby Rose Designs

Bird N Blossoms by Homespun Elegance

Just Nan Mr. Nutley Owl


French Garden Fob from The Drawn Thread

In the Sweet Pin Pillow by La D Da

American Goldfinch Silken Wings from Crossed Wing Collection

Scarlett House Button Posies Fob

Lizzie Kate Birds and Bugs Stitching Wallet

Victoria Sampler’s Christmas Tree Scissor Keep finished as an ornament

Mill Hill Ornaments

Victoria Sampler Learning Collection

Need to be framed 🙂

Lazy Alphabet by La D Da

Charmed by Raise the Roof

Free Alphabet Heart from DMC

Joyful World Calendar by The Snowflower Diaries (Free design on her website!)

Other Ornaments that Need Finishing

Bent Creek “Little Santa”

Country Cottage Needleworks’ Snow Birds from JCS

Sekas and Co. “Stained Glass Ornaments”


Threedles Christmas 2016 Ornament


Sunflowers by Jeannette Douglas

Baby Celebration by Just Nan


So there they are! Whew! Here’s to as much progress in 2019!


New Year, New Start!


I rang in 2019 with a big new start, my very first Chatelaine, Frosty Knot Garden!! Here is today’s work.

It is so pretty with nice winter-y colors and the Petite Treasure Braid is SO sparkly and fun and I’m pleased with how quickly it’s moved along today!! I feel like I made a lot of progress in one day! But then again the parts only get bigger as you move out from the center so I know it will slow down!

Here is the whole design:

I have modest plans to just make the center quatrefoil (the 4 circle border ) this year and see how I like it. I’m not sure I’ll love making a mandala. Too repetitive for me? But it is so beautiful and I really admire it so if it goes well, I’ll be pleased, and if I can’t get into it, I know what NOT to buy (I’m looking at you, Glendon Place Plum Pudding and Ink Circles Tapestry and all the other Chatelaines!)

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