In other news…


I haven’t ONLY been stitching on paper. I’ve been working on a whole smorgasbord of stuff. Here’s what’s going on with my other projects:

When I wasn’t beading on vacation I put quite a few stitches in on In The Sweet:

This has gone well so far but I’m dreading the border as it looks tedious!

And here’s Lounging Hare:

It is recommended to put the grass in randomly to give it a “patchy” look rather than stripe-y since the floss in variegated. It’s coming along. I’m not sure how I like it at the moment. Hmmm…

In other struggles with variegated cross, I got sort of fed up with Leaping Cat. I was super fussy to get the “flow” of color to work nicely in the grass under the cat.

Then I put the grass on the right side, also being fussy, and now in the light when it’s all done I see it makes a jarring transition. I don’t like it. So I’ve decided to redo the grass under the cat for the third time since that is the smaller area. I really love this design and want it to be very good and this color problem will Bother me forever, so I’ve just got to do it. But not now. I have to set it aside. It is driving me nuts every time I look at it.

That’s ok, it was a good reason to get back to some other stuff:

I picked up Heirloom Nativity and finished off the bands-they didn’t need much, just beading and the queen stitch berries on the vine.

Here’s a close up:

The last scene is the actual Nativity and at the bottom there is the beautiful hardanger so characteristic of Victoria Sampler. I did start the scene. It seems to have a lot of snow so that will be nice to stitch during our hot Arizona summer.

And I returned to Just Nan’s Baby Celebration, the totally neglected birth sampler for my 7-month old.

I like this design so much, just don’t care too much for the linen I’m using. It’s not soft. But you know, it’s easy to stitch and moves quickly since each motif is so small. No excuse to not make progress!!

My fuzzy floss came so I put in the baby flamingo on Joyful World.

Isn’t he cute?? But he might need to be outlined. Here’s the whole month which you saw before:

I started June too but there’s not much to show.

And that’s it for WIPs! Hopefully something will get finished this month so I can justify new starts in July!

Being Sick and Beading On Vacation


Normally on vacation I do not get any stitching done at all. Not this time! This time I got strep throat and had to sit in quarantine in the cabin while everyone else went out and had fun. Yay!

I ate ice cream, listened to audio books, nursed the baby, and beaded like a crazy person.

Here are Christmas Angel and Indigo Angel:

And here is Balthazar:

Isn’t he handsome? This one is really beautiful.

It was actually a really nice vacation for me!

A Little Box Finished


You know I finished this Beyond Cross Stitch Learning Collection piece from Victoria Sampler back in April and planned to make it into a box topper for a present for my daughter’s First Communion. Here it is!

I found a little square box and had the hardest time deciding on a color to complement the stitching. I settled on blue as it is her favorite color. I used a kind of stain with wax over it. It was not too hard.

Here is the inside with a little cushion I made for the bottom.

This turned out to be a very nice project! I’m quite happy with it.

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