January 2020 Fully Finished Gallery


My FFOs this month were supposed to be FFOs last month, but you know how it goes around the holidays! Anyway, I am so glad Rachel has decided to continue to host the FFO Gallery so that I can share these with you now!

First is my Little Berry Thief Berry from Scattered Seed Samplers. It may be a little thief, but it is not a little berry! This thing is as big as a baseball easy, and being filled with walnut shells is quite heavy!

The designer gave very good finishing instructions, and has a tutorial with lots of pictures on her blog which was very helpful! The kit is from her club last year, and she is just starting another club this year. I will join it. I liked all the kits from 2019 very much. If you are interested too, you can sign up here!

My second FFO is this free heart design from Faby Reilly which I stitched up last year. (It was free with her newsletter last February and I think you can still get it on her Facebook fan page) .

This one was one of those finishes that had to percolate a while. When I finally had a vision for it, I was certain it would come out well, I could just SEE it like this, but I had to figure out HOW to do it. I roughly followed this tutorial, sewing the ribbon sides on, one piece at a time, turning it, and then hand sewing the final edge. A mattress pincushion! It would have been a lot easier to handsew the whole thing using all the same linen, but I loved the ribbon for the sides, I loved the pink fabric for the back, so I had to make them work! Ta Dah!

Finally, I have this little ornament.

I didn’t stitch it, my aunt made it and gave it to me in a card frame when I was a girl. Several years ago I turned it into and ornament but it was lumpy and I wasn’t thrilled with it. A little pompom trim has done it a world of good and I think it’s super cute now!

Be sure to head over to Rachel’s to see more FFOs! There are some really lovely things this month!

Toccata 1 update and my ornaments


I’m continuing to make a lot of progress on Toccata 1!

I have about 13 more motifs until I can’t do more without my thread order. One motif is all Queen stitch so that will take a whole stitching session but otherwise I’ve been doing about 5 motifs a day so I should arrive at a temporary stopping point this week.

I took down my Christmas tree this weekend. I decided to photograph all my stitched ornaments together.

Wow it’s a lot! I didn’t count them but it is a lot. Most I made with about 25% made by my Mom and Grandma. There is one made by a friend and the big rainbow angel I rescued off eBay as an unfinished stitch which I turned it into an ornament. Anyway I thought you’d like to see them before they are put away! Next year I’ll try to get a picture of them on the tree!

I hope you have a great week with lots of stitching time!

Toccata 1: One week


One of my readers commented “I wouldn’t be able to put it down!” when I first showed Toccata 1 last week. She was right about that, this is a very very quick stitch and totally addictive! I haven’t even worked on it every day but here’s the progress-Last week with 14/88 motifs:

This week: almost 41/88 motifs

It’s super fun. I have ordered my missing threads but they won’t be here for a while, so I am just skipping around to the motifs that I can do right now. There is enough there now though so you can get the general idea now of size and style.

Our family is back to our regular schedule after the holidays so this should just fly!

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