Bathya Update


I finished the top text! “I Bathya Wormo Wrought This”. The satin stitch is hard to make nice over 3 linen threads but I’m pleased with how it looks. Jo said it looked alien and I agree. It’s really something to see in person with the raised letters. In the light, the white silk has reflections and shadows that make the letters look super 3D. Can you tell I like the bottom whitework band better than the middle one? It is a lot easier to do. The middle one is really tricky. I need to watch the tutorial on it again.

I was tired a couple nights ago and needed some easy stitching, and I just couldn’t resist adding some color.

I did the row of double back stitch, AKA closed herringbone stitch (a favorite stitch of mine to do, it has such a nice flow!). And the first letters in reversible cross stitch.

Here is the secret of the reversible cross stitch. Look closely and you can see, for one thing, all the X’s do not cross the same way.

Getting a cross on the front and back is more important than the crosses being the consistent. Back in the day, knowing how to make your letters with reversible cross stitch was important for putting initials on laundry so the laundress could keep everyone’s underwear and sheets sorted out since they all looked so similar.

Also, you can see that there are horizontal or vertical stitches located between some of the crosses.

You try to hide them as best you can (putting them between 2 stitches and not on an edge if you can). They are traveling stitches so you can move from one X to another without leaving any extra stitches on the back.

And look even closer-some of the X’s legs get doubled, also serving as traveling stitches.

You can’t tell so much when just looking casually, but studying the original sampler, Nicola Parkman who charted this sampler discovered all these tricks that Bathya used to make her sampler reversible. It’s so interested what the historical stitcher prioritized compared to what we prize in proper stitching today.

Back to Work


We’re only halfway through September and I feel like it’s been a productive month. What do I stitch next? Not meaning a new start, but what WIP should I focus on now?

Of course with Bathya I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have dreams of finishing the white work this month and making a start on the first bit of color in the alphabet band under it. I’m pretty sure that’s a reasonable goal as I’m about half done with the whitework. See? The top line of letters is finished: “I Bathya Wormo (what a name!)”.

I need a small for the smalls check in on the 25th. That’s only 10 days away! I think I’ll work on the Stacy Nash pinkeep/needlebook thing for that. It’s just about done. There are a lot of little do dads scattered around the background of this so it’s not quite as close as it looks.

I’d like to spend some time with my Blackbird Designs Strawberry Garden. Both this and the Stacy Nash require a lot of counting concentration so I have to do them when I’m fresh and can focus. Well we’ll see. I can probably finish one and do a little work on the other before October 1.

September Fully Finished Gallery


Many thanks again to Rachel for hosting the Fully Finished Gallery! I had a lot to finish this month!

First is Foxy. Look at the beautiful vintage frame I got on eBay! Finding a good round frame was a challenge. Sandy, who is the framer at the Attic said if you ever see a good, reasonably priced round frame, snap it up because they are hard to find and very expensive. So when I saw this one on eBay for less than $20 I said…That’s my frame! It is not dark wood like I planned but the gold isn’t so bright that it competes with the goldwork so I think it works really well.

Now for a mini bit of goldwork. This pillow is The Golden Grape from The Nostalgic Needle. Foxy made the little grape a breeze. I charted up the John 15 verse for the back side-it really felt like it wanted that. Very happy with how this tiny pillow came out, though I think I’ll make some extra cording for a hanger. Somehow my math didn’t work out to have a long enough piece to include the hanger.

Now for a bigger pillow…GPA’s Flowers and Lace Pillow. Oh it is so pretty my friends. GPA truly designs special things. And what’s more, for me the creation of this pillow has a story. It represents a victory of shopping! I have a post all about that if you wish to read it…HERE.

Finally I have When This You See pin drum from Blackbird Designs. The design was a fundraising piece for UNICEF several years ago. If you followed along you know I really struggled with stitching this. But at last it is done. I’m so happy I stuck with it. I love the rich colors.

Now this pindrum is big. As big as a softball. I used up ALL my sawdust and it is not quite as full as I wanted but not knowing any woodworkers I couldn’t get more in a hurry. So it is a little squishy. C’est la vie! And it’s done. Yay!

And last is my DMC Alphabet Heart. I did show this as an FFO several months ago, but now it is really finished. It has trim. I think it is a success with the trim. Super romantic. Do you like it?

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