Leaping Cat Happy Dance!


I’m gonna finish this tonight!!!

Ta Da!!!

I love it! It is totally worth all the annoying moments!!!

And now… a new start!

Easter Blog Hop 2019


Happy Easter! Jo at Serendipitous Stitching is hosting her Easter blog hop again this year, where you must visit all the participants to collect the letters of a mystery phrase. Welcome, if you are visiting me from Jo’s!

We are supposed to share a spring-y stitch with our post, too. Well, this isn’t my stitching but it is so pretty and springy I chose it to share with you for Easter. This hung in my Grandma’s “tv room” all my childhood, but she didn’t stitch it either! My mom said Grandma bought it at a bazaar! “B” stitched it according to the initial on there.

Before I inherited it, I found the pattern by chance and recognizing it, bought it so I could stitch it myself. Now that I have the picture I probably won’t re stitch it but at least I know what it is! It is called “Daffodils” from Flower Garden published by Green Apple and designed by Jeanne Bowers and Janet Powers. No date but I know it’s older because the chart is hand drawn!

And if you’ve read this far you’ve really earned your letter from me which is the letter “E”. To get the next letter please proceed to Vickie’s at A Stitcher’s Story. Good luck solving the mystery phrase!

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter!

Leaping Cat is Getting There


I am DETERMINED to finish Leaping Cat this month. I had set aside other things toward that goal. I have completed the date of 2019 to cement my commitment!

Now that I’m done with the grass, the 2 over 2 on the 36 count is not so terrible. It was hard to deal with in the “thick” areas, and when I was using a bigger needle. Now with the smaller needle, putting in all the leaves, the apples, and the border, it is going better. I don’t feel like I am slogging through it anymore. You can see what needs to be done, plus there is a simple black line border around the entire thing which I will stitch in hand once everything else is there.

I will say I still love this pattern and think that cat is adorable. My own old kitty is an orange tabby but hasn’t done any leaping in a while. Have I ever shown you Kiwi?

Anyway, Kiwi is 18 and suffers from old age issues (but she is still going along cheerfully) and though I will not make her a memorial piece, this will help me remember her when she’s gone.

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