February Smalls Check In


Well friends, we had a short month this month! It can’t get any shorter, in fact, than for a Friday check in to fall on the 22nd. I hope most of you were able to complete a Small, and remember, it’s ok to double dip and turn in a Small for this SAL that you stitched for another SAL! I know I do it! 🙂 Anyway, I will leave the linky up until March 2 so you have plenty of time to get something done and post it for this month.

Here is my project, All You Need Is Love by The Drawn Thread. It is a freebie you can find here. And yes! I got it done! My day was not derailed!

I used mostly the recommended Gloriana silk colors with a few substitutes of Thread Gatherer on lilac 32 count linen. But I think this design is really conducive to lots of color modifications! I plan to turn it into a little pillow.

So what have you stitched? I can’t wait to see! Have a super weekend!

Big WIP, Little WIP, and a Finish


I have been enjoying working on my Chatelaine, Frosty Knotgarden:

The progress is slower now! There is actually white filled in around the right branch but you can’t really tell. In fact there are 2 shades of white. I’m not sure how necessary that was for the integrity of the design! Ah, well maybe it will be richer in the end. I finally made a grime guard for this one as it will be a long project. If you want to make one, there are good directions here. I also got the bead set for Valentine’s Day, and the rest of the specialty flosses, so I think I have everything I need to complete it now. Except time!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, last week I started this, All You Need is Love, a freebie from The Drawn Thread:

I was inspired by all the versions of it I saw on Facebook! I discovered that thanks to some marvelous stash-enhancing purchases recently, I had most of the colors that were called for and only needed to sub 2. So I am using mostly the Gloriana silks that are indicated, with Thread Gatherer silks filling in the gaps. I simply love silks. I am stitching on 32 ct Lilac Zweigart linen. Hey, if I get it done today, I can turn it in for my Smalls SAL tomorrow! (everyone watch as Mary’s day gets derailed…)

And finally I finished the stitching on my Lorna Bateman Floral Beauty:

Oh it’s so pretty! And I learned a great deal. There are some things that are not done correctly (the twist and twirl roses-the darkest ones) and the pink “foxgloves” at the bottom should be puffier. But it was my first try and I think it looks good anyway.  I definitely see more ribbon embroidery in the future. Now to mount it on the pincushion!

See you tomorrow for the Smalls SAL check in!

My FFOs So Far 2019-Random Thoughts Done!


Well, I am LATE with this posting but it’s a good long one! Rachel at Ten Hour Stitcher has created a wonderful new SAL to encourage FFOs this year! Posts are supposed to be up by the 10th of the month, but I needed a little extra time for various reasons! Nonetheless, this is an excellent SAL for me because I am acquiring a drawer of stitches that need full-finishing! So I will aim to get several FFOs a month and try not to let that drawer get too full!

First I have this little finish. This was my Valentine for Ariadne, my Secret Stitching Sweetheart.

Even though this is a little project, it is very special. I received the Mill Hill kit, half finished, in a bag of stitching odds and ends that came from my Grandma, after she died. I finally finished it up and put it in the cute frame and now I have a treasure from my Grandma.

Next up are my biscornus! I did 2 for other SALs but I will show them again here:

The hearts and roses one is called Christmas Rose from The Victoria Sampler Biscornuments chart. I followed the guidelines to make tassels and cord, and this time I made enough tassels and cord for the whole set so when I stitch the others they will all match.

The holly one is from JCS 2008 by Cherished Stitches. I had a whole vial of red beads, also from my Grandma’s stash, and decided to use them when I stitched the sides together. I still need to find the perfect red button to put in the middle but I really love how this came out.

Next is my Little Lady Prim Sewing Set, which I also turned in for Gifted Gorgeousness. This is a free chart from The Little Stitcher-she has a number of really cute freebies on her website if you spend the time to poke around!

I finished with ruched ribbon (the blue is a little too bright but I like it anyway) on the pincushion, which is stuffed with walnut shells.

And I made a twisted cording for the fob. Now, I assumed this was supposed to be a fob since it had scissors on it and it is small enough, but Laura says it was designed as a needlebook. Oh well! I really love how it came out!

Finally, I have this, which I am SO proud of:

This is Random Thoughts by The Drawn Thread which I started back in fall 2016. The stitching was finished in winter 2018 with plans to do the hemstitched border right away this year. I had never done hemstitching before and the trickiest part was folding in the sides and squaring up the corners.

They are not quite perfect as hard as I tried, but it was my first effort so I will be happy with it. Then the hemstitching took me 3 days, a few hours here and there, to get it done last week. I only worked on it during daylight so as not to mess it up, and it’s much harder for me to get stitching time during the day, otherwise I think one night would have sufficed.

Anyway, I am just pleased as punch with it. I look at it and can’t even believe that I made this thing. Do you find this to be true, that once you have finished an object, and it moves from “WIP” to ‘FFO” it suddenly BECOMES itself, where it is no longer a part of your active work but an object in and of itself? It now really has a complete “thing-ness” instead of being something in your hand that you are coaxing into being. And it is almost as if your relationship to it has changed. You have made it and now it has grown up and apart from you, like a child.

Anyway I think I will prefer to have it framed rather than bell pull style hanging so I will take it over to The Attic and do that as a birthday present for myself next month. But as far as my work is concerned, it’s an FFO!

Now, if you want to see all the FFOs in FFO gallery, be sure to go back to Rachel’s!

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