A Pause for Finishing


I took a bit of a break from stitching this week to finish some things for Rachel’s Fully Finished Object Gallery. Finishing is always more fiddly and time consuming than I plan, so I did not have anything ready to show on the 10th, but I’m only a few days late so I still think I did pretty well this month. Here’s what I did:

Spring Flowers Pinkeep from Stacy Nash. I curved the corners a bit and added the chenille trim and pin. I also stuffed it with linen scraps I had been saving and that gives a good weight to the pin cushion and also makes it nice and stiff for sticking pins into. I can’t remember where I got that idea, but for me who hates to throw away the edges and corners of the pretty linens I trim, it is a happy solution! Now I don’t feel like they’re wasted!

I also turned Beehive Needleworks’ Peacock into a pin cushion. I used one of the Colour Streams silk ribbons that I bought in Australia to trim it, which makes this piece very special. I am really pleased with it. I feel like I need a fancy peacock pin for it! Maybe I will try to make one!

I did a couple flat ornaments: Peppermint Twist from Little House Needleworks and Angels from Country Cottage Needleworks. It will be so nice to have these on the tree this year!

Finally, I turned the Erica Michaels’ Tudor Rose Berry into a biscornu. Here’s how it was designed:

And here’s what I did with it:

The finishing took more hours than stitching it! I had to work out the back design, measure and stitch a border, and hunt for the right button for the center. I never found a button that I liked. Instead, I added some beads to the center of the flower so the larger bead puckering up the middle of the biscornu looks like it belongs. That worked very well, and the golden glint in the middle makes it fancy. It’s very nice and large, slightly bigger than my palm. I used crushed walnut shells so it is a big heavy thing. Overall, a success!

A big thanks for Vonna, the Twisted Stitcher, for her great finishing tutorials! I would not have been able to do a such a good job on these without her! If you want to know about ruching ribbon, or making flat ornaments, or a million other things, check out her tutorials!

Finish: Check. Start: Check, Check.


I did finish Wild Garden by Blackbird Designs last week! The kit came with a “vintage glass Czech star” so that is the bling on there. I had thought about finishing this as a flat fold but I think I’ll actually frame it. I feel like it needs a more substantial border to contain all that wildness!

A neat thing about this personalization is that the called for year was 1920. Well, being it’s 2019, I just transposed the number to make it 2019!

Right away I dove into another start, Let It Bee by The Drawn Thread. Oh my, this is a quick, satisfying stitch with just the right amount of specialty stitches to keep it interesting!

You can see I will have it done really soon. The time consuming part is the perle over 4 crosses that make the trellis effect on the whole border. I am still finding my rhythm to stitch it, but it sure makes a pretty effect! This one is designed for a 5×7 frame. I love that. It will be a no-brainer to FFO it.

Then I could not resist another Blackbird Designs, this one from a club I was in. It is called A Bit of Summer and is finished as a drum. The fabric is Weeks Sanguine and it is very warm and pretty to stitch on.

You can see I haven’t gotten so far on this one, but the design is lovely with birds, stars, vines, and berries. I really really love it. I am looking forward to trying a drum finish too. They are so popular right now and I have several drum kits/charts in my collection!

August Smalls Check-In


For a while this month I was not sure which of my smalls would get finished for the check in. I was working on several you know, and it was sort of a race to the finish, which one would “win,” and how many I could get done!

Well, it’s a tie…sort of.

I finished the stitching for Spring Flowers Pinkeep! I worked out the dilemma with my Barn Gray thread running out. I decided to go with the Banker’s Gray as being “close enough.” The test is: can you tell which flowers were stitched with one and which with the other? I’m not sure I can and I just stitched them this week!

Isn’t it cute? The kit came with the finishing materials so I will get this made up for the September Finished Objects Gallery. Hopefully!

And I finished the red stitching on the Autumn Foliage mini sampler by the Heart’s Content.

Now I do need to come through the whole piece with a cream color so it’s not *quite* finished, but I got done what I wanted to get done for this month! And the background should be a no-brainer as there is no counting. I’m so glad I splurged on this little kit. It is taxing to stitch but SO satisfying to have it done! There is such delight and charm in such a tiny thing!

And so now it’s your turn…what have you stitched this month?

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