A Couple Smalls for July

I’m linking up with Heather of Stitching Lotus for our monthly Smalls check in!

I got all the beads on Star Santa, as perhaps you expected!

Do you remember this Threedles design from a while ago? I found the beads I needed on clearance at JoAnn’s so I got that done too! So fancy!

I can’t wait to make another of the 4 (!) designs from this chart! I think I could really love counted canvas work, the stitches are so fun and interesting with such huge variety in fibers!

I hope you all have a great weekend with lots of stitching time!

9 thoughts on “A Couple Smalls for July

  1. Your finishes are just beautiful. I especially love your counted canvas work piece and look forward to seeing the other ones stitched up.

  2. Both are lovely projects. I’ve stitched the Star Santa myself so you know I like it. The other one is beautiful, but looks really complicated. Congratulations on both finishes!

  3. Star Santa is lovely!! I do remember the threedles design, what a fantastc piece, Mary! Congratulations for the gorgeous finishes!

  4. Mary I love your Santa. He is very festive. The second stitch is so pretty too. How hard is it to do beads? RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Hi RJ, Beads are so easy! For me the hardest part is not spilling them! (I have a little box with a sticky mat in it to keep them from dumping everywhere). It is best to do the stitching first before you apply the beads. You need some thinner needles than you use for stitching. I like the John James petite beading needles best or the ones Mill Hill gives with their kits. If you want to try I really recommend finding a Mill Hill kit to try. They are not too expensive and there is something for everyone! And they are very easy and fast to do with everything included (even needles) and make great ornaments or fridge magnets!

  5. Gorgeous smalls this month. The beaded Santa is so cute but the canvaswork is just stunning. I love all the different stitches in there.

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