My Very First Workshop!

Ooh, I am so lucky to have gotten a fantastic early Christmas present! The Attic Needlework Shop offered classes last weekend with Sherri Jones and I attended The Lounging Hare Sewing Box workshop. Was that ever fun! The project is darling, the wooden box I got is exquisite, the ladies were all very nice, and the lunch was yummy.  We all received some nice little treats, including a needleminder. Best of all I got to spend a whole day stitching without any interruptions! I learned a few new things: needle weaving to make candy striped, tweed, and zigzag boarders, and sorbello knots. It will be a very challenging project-it has many tiny parts, and putting the whole thing together will take a lot of gumption. There is a lot of variety to the stitching so it should be really interesting to do, and keep my attention. I’m not worried about getting the stitching done. But the finishing is daunting. However, it will be so lovely, I know it will be worth the hassle.

1sts for me: using waste knots! basting lines! (honestly, can you even see those basting lines?) needleweaving, sorbello knots.

During class we made practice pockets. I really enjoyed the needleweaving on the lower pocket- and it worked out well-very gratifyingly to do. But, my trelliswork on the top pocket is off by one thread in one spot so I will need to redo it. My other problem was my basting thread was too light and I could barely see it-can you see it? I definitely will improve my method going forward.  Now I just have to finish off the last little bits of all the current projects underway so I can really dive into Lounging Hare with no guilt! They are also close it really would be a shame not to finish them up right away. That’s my goal for this week!

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