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This past weekend I finished up the American Goldfinch kit from Crossed Wing Collection for my mom’s birthday present. While it sure is cute, it is hard to sustain the micro stitching for long. Good thing it’s a little project!

I finished it in a Tim Holtz watch fob like I did with my cardinal last year.

This is an old kit from the series called Silken Wings and it is stitched with silk thread one over one on 40 ct silk gauze. My mom always tells me which birds are at her feeder when we talk on the phone and often has goldfinches so I think she’ll like it.

I am working on a little Santa by Bent Creek for the Ornies SAL. I am thinking of using a Wisper fuzzy thread for the beard. That would be a change from the chart but to be honest this is one of the most error filled charts I’ve ever had which is crazy for something that’s only 24 stitches square! There are are a couple symbols charted that don’t appear on the key and the mittens are charted to use PINK while the model is black (and pink mittens would just be weird!). So at this point I feel no loyalty to the chart aside from what makes sense!

He’s a little warped in the frame I see, but you get the idea where I’m at with it! It’s a cute little thing too. I am into little and cute (and quick to stitch!) this month I guess!

Here’s how the border is coming on Random Thoughts.

It’s going a bit quicker than I thought it would so maybe it will get done this month. I would count that a triumph!

4 thoughts on “Small Finish Small WIP

  1. Oh I love that little goldfinch. I have made several pocket watch gifts and enjoy making them. Love your Santa too. RJ

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