Something New

It’s been sitting there, all kitted, for several years. Then I put it on the frame this summer where it sat for several months. I went to start it and couldn’t consistently count to 34 to find the edge. So…then I decided I really needed to use some of that red marking string, the stuff like fishing line, because this was too big to mess up. At last, I’m off on what I consider will be my big project, one of two, for 2017!

I started with the 2nd band so I have a baseline for the pictorial elements above and below. That was a smart move and much easier than trying to center the star.

This lace is such an interesting thing to do and…I love silk!!!

In the meantime, I’m still finishing up some completed ornaments so they are ready for THIS Christmas! I’m so glad I did that friendship sampler as an A frame; I learned a lot to apply to finishing these ornaments!

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