Coming Right Along

I got a lot done this weekend!

All week I have been fussing with this Sweetheart Tree ornament which I started in 2012, finished in 2015, and which has sat around “unfinished” for the last year. I was emboldened to try the same technique as the friendship A frame, but with a heart shape. It worked! I hand stitched the sides together and added a new level of complexity by trying to catch in the trim.  I am happy with it for a first try.  And it can go on the tree this year!

I finally found some pom pom trim I am happy with for the Cherished Stitches Summer Gathering pincushion-I didn’t care for the finishing shown and I wanted it to go with the others I have better-that just have a trim border and no fabric border/buttons on the front. Originally I really wanted some burgundy pom poms to complement the berries in the designs but couldn’t find just the right color. On a whim I ordered this green trim and it matched perfectly. So that’s done! I made a pocket for the lavender nutshells inside like I did for the Autumn one. I stitched the thing together on the machine, which ultimately worked as well as I hoped but I had to be really really careful to get the trim in straight.

Finally, I’ve been working on Heirloom Nativity. I wanted to get the first 6 rows (down to the shepherd scene) done this month and I’m almost there! Then I’ll switch over to the next project in rotation and try to get into a rhythm  for 2017!



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