Between the Holidays

Between Christmas and New Years and family and feasting there has not been a lot of stitching going! And Random Thoughts seems to be coming along SO SLOWLY. I’m not sure why-it seems like it should be quick. And you know, I was saying before about Birds, that I always thought many pieces from Drawn Thread were a little drab color-wise-and I must be wrong because Birds was very nice…weelll….this is a little too drab for me. No, No! I like it and the motifs are sweet and I like all the variety! But the colors…well if I had more confidence for that and if it didn’t already come with the silks, I might try to brighten it up.

Now here’s a little more on it and I think as I get more elements on it that will help a lot. It is subdued and that’s restful anyway. 

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