Big WIP, Little WIP, and a Finish

I have been enjoying working on my Chatelaine, Frosty Knotgarden:

The progress is slower now! There is actually white filled in around the right branch but you can’t really tell. In fact there are 2 shades of white. I’m not sure how necessary that was for the integrity of the design! Ah, well maybe it will be richer in the end. I finally made a grime guard for this one as it will be a long project. If you want to make one, there are good directions here. I also got the bead set for Valentine’s Day, and the rest of the specialty flosses, so I think I have everything I need to complete it now. Except time!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, last week I started this, All You Need is Love, a freebie from The Drawn Thread:

I was inspired by all the versions of it I saw on Facebook! I discovered that thanks to some marvelous stash-enhancing purchases recently, I had most of the colors that were called for and only needed to sub 2. So I am using mostly the Gloriana silks that are indicated, with Thread Gatherer silks filling in the gaps. I simply love silks. I am stitching on 32 ct Lilac Zweigart linen. Hey, if I get it done today, I can turn it in for my Smalls SAL tomorrow! (everyone watch as Mary’s day gets derailed…)

And finally I finished the stitching on my Lorna Bateman Floral Beauty:

Oh it’s so pretty! And I learned a great deal. There are some things that are not done correctly (the twist and twirl roses-the darkest ones) and the pink “foxgloves” at the bottom should be puffier. But it was my first try and I think it looks good anyway.  I definitely see more ribbon embroidery in the future. Now to mount it on the pincushion!

See you tomorrow for the Smalls SAL check in!

10 thoughts on “Big WIP, Little WIP, and a Finish

  1. Beautiful work on everything. That ribbon embroidery piece is just amazing indeed. See ya tomorrow.

  2. Your Chatelaine looks wonderful and I’m sure Martina had a good reason for using two shades of white!
    I stitched the Drawn Thread freebie quite a few years ago, I could have included it in my Hearts post but I forgot!
    The ribbon embroidery is beautiful and quite a challenge for a first piece, well done!

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