Leaping Cat is Getting There


I am DETERMINED to finish Leaping Cat this month. I had set aside other things toward that goal. I have completed the date of 2019 to cement my commitment!

Now that I’m done with the grass, the 2 over 2 on the 36 count is not so terrible. It was hard to deal with in the “thick” areas, and when I was using a bigger needle. Now with the smaller needle, putting in all the leaves, the apples, and the border, it is going better. I don’t feel like I am slogging through it anymore. You can see what needs to be done, plus there is a simple black line border around the entire thing which I will stitch in hand once everything else is there.

I will say I still love this pattern and think that cat is adorable. My own old kitty is an orange tabby but hasn’t done any leaping in a while. Have I ever shown you Kiwi?

Anyway, Kiwi is 18 and suffers from old age issues (but she is still going along cheerfully) and though I will not make her a memorial piece, this will help me remember her when she’s gone.

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  1. Leaping Cat looks fantastic! Every time you show it, I want to order if from the ONS, but I’ve already got too many things on my “stitch right now” list, LOL.

    Kiwi looks like she’s a lovely kitty. Your picture reminded me of our Bonnie, who we had for 19 years. Thank you.

  2. Mary

    Kiwi is so pretty, I love orange cats, I had one I got on Halloween in the early 80s that I named Pumpkin (how original:) and he lived to 20!! Leaping cat actually looks done!!!

  3. Leaping Kitty looks close to done so good luck with finishing it up. Kiwi is pretty and we all have old age issues so let her know she is not alone! Happy Easter Mary!

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