Responsible Obligation Stitching

My 6 year old will very soon be a 7 year old. She has yet to lose a baby tooth (yes, that’s late but she didn’t get her first tooth until she was 13 mos!) but some are starting to be wiggly so I needed to start her tooth fairy pillow so it can be a birthday present for her.

I am using an old Sweetheart Tree design with my own floss and fabric from stash, including trying out some of that new DMC Etoile floss for the wings.

This has an interesting finish-you fold the piece with the fairies over and then attach it onto a back piece making a pocket. Then that is the front and you use another fabric of your choice for the back. I have had this project all kitted for at least a year including the backing fabric, so it is just a question of making it up!

I just need to  finish the left fairy and stitch the border, and then put her name and border on another piece of fabric. I may not make it in time for her birthday on the 13th but her party is not until the 18th so I’m aiming for that day!


9 thoughts on “Responsible Obligation Stitching

  1. Very sweet. I made tooth fairy cushions for my own children, and even though are all adults now they have kept them. x

  2. I like that fabric, it really suits the design!
    Hope it does the trick, to make her think to brush her teeth!
    I’m sure it will look really cute.
    Barbara xx

  3. That’s really sweet. Hope you had it finished in time for her birthday, and the imminent loss of her first tooth!. 🙂

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