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I’ve been doing a lot of stitching here and there, but not really finishing anything. I keep thinking and hoping I’ll finish something so I can join in an SAL or have something of consequence to post but alas. It is the end of the school year. We are busy. I haven’t had time to finish things, much less post about what is not finished. But it’s been 2 weeks and I wanted to get a little progress memorialized here, so here it is:

I’ve spent a few days with Mr. Bear from the Joyful World Calendar. Just his forehead, ears, and ground, plus the stems on the peaches and bees’ wings, are left to do. A night’s work, right?

I’ve spent several hours with the Tooth Fairy Pillow. It was not finished in time for the birthday so I didn’t make that last big push. The top section there needs her name on it, that’s all. The hold up is I want to chart and center it so that takes some doing.

The Blue Pot Pillow is coming along a bit. There are a few more flowers. The colors in this one are so very pretty. I will spend more time with it this weekend:

The Christmas Heart is also coming along, and quite well…I just need to do the beading, and the drawn threadwork in the middle there. Again, I arrived at a stopping point because the remaining work is just beyond my “tv or car stitching” comfort zone!

I started 2 new things (shame! shame!) firstly, Wild Garden from Blackbird Designs:

And the Peacock Pin Pillow from Beehive Needleworks. I converted it to silks but now I am awaiting “The Perfect Blue” which should arrive from any day now. I’ve tried several blues and none are *quite* right. Too green, too dull, too purple. Don’t match the green I already stitched on for the wing. Well, we’ll see what shows up next week in my mailbox and then I’ll bite the bullet on it.

6 thoughts on “An Update for You

  1. All looking good, you have very similar taste to myself when choosing charts. We always get things finished eventually, and then they mean so much that being a little late isn’t too much of a worry. x

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