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I’ve been doing a lot of stitching here and there, but not really finishing anything. I keep thinking and hoping I’ll finish something so I can join in an SAL or have something of consequence to post but alas. It is the end of the school year. We are busy. I haven’t had time to finish things, much less post about what is not finished. But it’s been 2 weeks and I wanted to get a little progress memorialized here, so here it is:

I’ve spent a few days with Mr. Bear from the Joyful World Calendar. Just his forehead, ears, and ground, plus the stems on the peaches and bees’ wings, are left to do. A night’s work, right?

I’ve spent several hours with the Tooth Fairy Pillow. It was not finished in time for the birthday so I didn’t make that last big push. The top section there needs her name on it, that’s all. The hold up is I want to chart and center it so that takes some doing.

The Blue Pot Pillow is coming along a bit. There are a few more flowers. The colors in this one are so very pretty. I will spend more time with it this weekend:

The Christmas Heart is also coming along, and quite well…I just need to do the beading, and the drawn threadwork in the middle there. Again, I arrived at a stopping point because the remaining work is just beyond my “tv or car stitching” comfort zone!

I started 2 new things (shame! shame!) firstly, Wild Garden from Blackbird Designs:

And the Peacock Pin Pillow from Beehive Needleworks. I converted it to silks but now I am awaiting “The Perfect Blue” which should arrive from any day now. I’ve tried several blues and none are *quite* right. Too green, too dull, too purple. Don’t match the green I already stitched on for the wing. Well, we’ll see what shows up next week in my mailbox and then I’ll bite the bullet on it.

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  1. Kay

    All looking good, you have very similar taste to myself when choosing charts. We always get things finished eventually, and then they mean so much that being a little late isn’t too much of a worry. x

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