The Land Of Forgotten Projects


Having gotten all those little finishes out of the way last week, I was eager to reward myself and start something new! But did I really deserve it? To find out, I decided to sort out my stitching basket and see what else needs doing first. Oh my I do have a number of neglected projects! It is embarrassing! It is time to resurrect some and get them done! Then I will merit a new start. Here’s how I stocked my project bag:

I found Angels from Little House. Look how close it is! Time to get it finished!

Next is Variegated Snowflake from Fuzzy Fox Designs on Etsy. It’s 1/3 done (almost) and SO pretty with the Silk ‘n’ Colors silk blended with a sparkly blue Kreinik.

Then I have this beaded Mill Hill mini pillow. I was struggling with the beads on the fabric. I much prefer to bead on paper! But I really do like it still and it will be sweet when it’s done.

Now here’s an old project!! I started it way before this blog! Another tooth fairy pillow! This one is from Waxing Moon Designs. I started it for my first son but he didn’t really want it so I never finished it. Now I should finish it for my second son. I just have to do the green arrow and then the pillow finish. I think I’m going to finish it a bit different from the picture. And that is not critical to do immediately as the recipient is only 4. But the stitching is a one night job so I really should wrap it up!

Finally, I found I had made a very small start on Garden Urn Pinkeep by Samplers Not Forgotten. This one is very pretty and since there’s so little stitched on it so far it can count as my new start!

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  1. Kay

    Good luck with getting those finished. We all have a similar pile, my wips are rather bigger and require a lot more work but going back to them feels like a chore. x

  2. dragonsluver

    Beautiful pieces. Sometimes it’s nice to go back through your WIP tote and see what you have sitting in there waiting. Enjoy!

  3. Rachel

    You must feel pleased that you’ve found some older WIPs which can be finished off without much work. And, of course, finishing off some of your older WIPs will free up space for a new start or two! 🙂

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