June’s Fully Finished Objects

At last! I have my Finishes ready to show you! I am linking up with Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher whose SAL helps motivate us towards fully finished objects. You know I’ve been getting a lot of stitching in even though it’s summer break for the kids right now, but finishing is another matter since I don’t seem to have the big blocks of time required to get out all my supplies and work out what I want to do. So any finishing is a triumph for me! Here’s what I’ve got:

The Stitching Bee Pillow: it was a no brainer to finish this easily because it came with the materials and great instructions!

Another bee…here’s Buzzz from Bent Creek. I originally planned to make this a tiny pillow but as I played with the trim and fabric decided on a flat finish. I want to find one of those little clipboard frames to put it on but it will be displayed like this for now

The Birthday Tart is now a Tart! This does make a cute finish. I have several other designs from Plum Street that are finished the same way so this one will get a companion eventually.

And the piece de resistance….the Mani Di Donna Blue Pot Pillow. What can I say… I love it! If I could’ve only picked one Nashville piece to buy this year, this would have been it. It’s so satisfying to see it all beautifully finished with the accessories. But I think I need a fancier pair of scissors now!

And…here’s one final FFO… from my oldest son! He stitched this from a little kit a couple years ago when he was 8 or 9 and at last we got a frame for it!

It’s only about 2×3″ but he did it all himself. I’m so proud of him!

To see more inspiring finishes head over to the hostess of the Fully Finished Gallery at Ten Hour Stitcher. Thanks for hosting us, Rachel!

8 thoughts on “June’s Fully Finished Objects

  1. Great finishes! I love Rachel’s finishing SAL. Definitely the push most of us needed. I just love the first one. I want to try this type of pillow finish next I think. They all look great!

  2. Great work. I love the chenille trim on the first piece. The scissor pillow is fabulous too, what a great idea to keep your scissors safe! I see you have enlisted your son to help boost the number of finished pieces for the SAL – cunning plan!

  3. Thank you for joining in the SAL, and with a cheeky additional piece! Love all the finishes, but the tart has to take the cuteness award. Good for your son FFOing a project too; he should be very proud. 🙂

  4. Love all your finishes, I hope the Stitching Bee pillow is released as a chart,love that one! The scissor holder is such a sweet stitch and finish, I can see why you love it. I”m impressed your son stitched that at 8 or even 9!! Does he still stitch?

  5. All such lovey finishes, but I think The Stitching Bee Pillow is my favourite! Of course your son’s piece is adorable, what a treasure!

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