Heirloom Nativity…


One of my June goals is to finish Heirloom Nativity. I have been working on that.

First I spent what seemed like an eternity stitching the kloster blocks.

More than a few mistakes had to be corrected, but if not perfectly executed, the count is on and they all line up.

Then I did the gold eyelets. No problems with those!

Then, deep breath, the cutting! Yesterday I got my oil changed and between that hour and a couple early mornings this week when I woke up long before the rest of the family and was fresh for some concentrated stitching, I was able to work on the cutting. I finished it this morning:

I made a mistake only when my husband came down and I got distracted for a second! Ugh! But I checked the chart and it looks like it will be hidden in a wrapped bar and so it’s ok. I tidied up the whole back of any loose threads and waste knots and I am ready for a week of wrapping and weaving those bars!

The end is in sight!

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  1. RJ

    I can see why this took so long Mary…the cuts must have been very time consuming and you had to be careful not to cut that gorgeous stitching. You are doing such a beautiful job. Have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thank you! The kloster blocks took me longer than the cutting! But it was a stressful phase of the project for sure! I’m doing the filling stitches now and that’s much more relaxing!

  2. Mary

    I just cannot imagine cutting around your beautiful stitching!! I’m very impressed with the skill and patience this takes. It’s beautiful. Mary

  3. Joanne P

    Stunning work. I haven’t done any hardanger for years and years. I do have those Noel letters which need it.

  4. dragonsluver

    I took a class on hardanger and just didn’t enjoy it. This is beautiful though. Good luck finishing it up.

  5. Rachel

    You’re very brave to cut threads like that! I’ve heard it’s quite straightforward once you know what you’re doing but even so… The end result is going to look great though. 🙂

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