Where have I been?


Well…I have been to Australia! Yes! We took took our five (5)…that’s FIVE children, ages 20 months to 11 on a 15 hour plane ride…to Australia. That was just fine. It was the 13 hours BACK that were difficult. But ALL worth it! It was a fantastic trip! And I did not get a lot of stitching done.



I didn’t even touch the other 3 NEW projects I brought with me “just in case” I finished something or felt like I needed something different to do!

But I did get to visit The Crewel Gobelin and buy many wonderful things for my stash! That was awfully fun!

I don’t usually share “stash enhancement” but felt this lot was something special!
Here’s the kit I bought from the Australian designer Designatus which includes a hand turned spool.
Here’s the tea towel unfolded. The lady at the shop was working a crewel stitch sampler on it that was fantastic. It is called Taronga for the famous zoo and printed by a local artist. I have wanted to do a crewel piece for a LONG time so her inspiration was important to me!

The shop was totally charming with many lovely things and friendly staff. Getting there from downtown Sydney was extremely convenient. A 10 minute walk to the metro, a 30 minute metro ride, a 5 minute or less walk to the shop…it would have been a shame not to go!

So, if someone goes on a big trip so far away, and even though she writes a needlework blog, I’m sure at least SOME of you would like to see some pictures. So just a warning, there is no more stitching in this post. Here you go.

Sydney Opera House from the Harbour Bridge
Chinese Friendship Garden in Sydney
Mossman River- rapid side
Mossman River-calm side
Where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef-the only place on earth where 2 natural wonders adjoin.
Gregory, a very large crocodile
A pile of koalas, even a baby!
Look it’s awake! We all loved the koalas best I think.

After my 2 week break, I find I have a lot of backed up blogging for you, so you’ll get 3 posts in three days! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Your holiday photos are amazing, Mary!
    There’d be something wrong if you’d been all the way to Australia and stitched all the time, but quite right, you had to go shopping for something stitchy after that journey! You have some lovely stash there, and I especially love the hand turned spool!
    Barbara xx

  2. WOW how lucky you are. Australia looks beautiful and I am sure the kids loved it; especially all the animals. Great stitching progress for being away. I love the one on the right.

  3. I admire you for taking such a long flight with your whole family and hope you all had a fantastic and truly memorable holiday. With so much going on I expect you didn’t really miss your x’s too much! 🙂

  4. Mary

    A vacation of a lifetime!!! What gorgeous photos you took, how adorable is the koala bear!! The spool and stitch are going to be amazing and what a wonderful souvenir from your trip. I’m shocked you got any stitching done!!!

  5. dragonsluver

    How fun! What a beautiful place. Probably one of the only over the pond places I would travel to. I just stick to the states normally. Thanks for sharing your stash and your travel photos.

  6. Oh wow, what an amazing experience for you all! Sorry to say I’m glad you didn’t get much stitching done, so much to take in! But I’m glad you were able to get some fabulous shopping.
    The pictures are beautiful, I especially love the koalas.

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