The People Choose…Monochrome

This month, Jo’s blog hop “The People Choose” is themed Monochrome. Well I do not have a lot of monochrome to show for this month but I did find a few things! Some you even saw last month for finishing so you get to see them again!

I think my first monochrome piece was this little pillow by Lindsay Lane called “Wishes do to Heaven Aspire.”

It’s still one of my favorites!

I also made this little bunny pillow from Priscilla’s Pocket:

It’s stitched with Gentle Arts’ Black Raspberry Jam. I love that color!

At the Nashville Market this year I saw this piece from The Heart’s Content which I really liked so I splurged and got it. I thought it was so little I could definitely do it quickly so it wouldn’t just be an expensive kit that would languish undone forever. I started it in the spring and the silk gauze over one is proving more difficult than I expected! But I got the first couple motifs done so there is hope! It is stitched with Gloriana Autumn Foliage.

Then last month I did the little Blackbird Designs Quaker Strawberry from JCS 2006 Ornaments. Here’s my finish which you saw earlier this month.

Finally, in honor of this month’s theme I started Gigi R’s Initiale au Paon. Here it is so far, at the end of the month.

Now if you really want to see some good monochrome stitching, head back to Joanne’s blog, Serendipitous Stitching and check out what everyone else has posted!

2 thoughts on “The People Choose…Monochrome

  1. Love the little bunny and definitely admire your courage for stitching on silk gauze, especially in such gorgeous tones. 🙂

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