August Smalls Check-In

For a while this month I was not sure which of my smalls would get finished for the check in. I was working on several you know, and it was sort of a race to the finish, which one would “win,” and how many I could get done!

Well, it’s a tie…sort of.

I finished the stitching for Spring Flowers Pinkeep! I worked out the dilemma with my Barn Gray thread running out. I decided to go with the Banker’s Gray as being “close enough.” The test is: can you tell which flowers were stitched with one and which with the other? I’m not sure I can and I just stitched them this week!

Isn’t it cute? The kit came with the finishing materials so I will get this made up for the September Finished Objects Gallery. Hopefully!

And I finished the red stitching on the Autumn Foliage mini sampler by the Heart’s Content.

Now I do need to come through the whole piece with a cream color so it’s not *quite* finished, but I got done what I wanted to get done for this month! And the background should be a no-brainer as there is no counting. I’m so glad I splurged on this little kit. It is taxing to stitch but SO satisfying to have it done! There is such delight and charm in such a tiny thing!

And so now it’s your turn…what have you stitched this month?

8 thoughts on “August Smalls Check-In

  1. I can’t tell the colour difference on Spring Flowers but then flowers aren’t identical anyway so you can get away with it! Thanks for hosting again. Good to know this SAL is still going strong. 🙂

  2. Mary I really love Spring pretty and gorgeous colors. What type of fabric is the second one on? Have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thanks, RJ! The Heart’s Content piece is on 40 ct silk gauze. It is stitched 1 strand of Tudor silk (which is 1/2 the thickness of regular silk) over 1 in tent stitch or continental stitch-you do it that way so that your coverage is better. It is actually not too hard because the silk gauze is stiffer than linen, and very strong, and the holes are big. But I still need to magnify it, and it’s really hard to take out mistakes!

  3. Your Spring Flowers look great, the two blues look perfect together!
    Autumn Foliage looks good too, even better when you add the cream.

  4. I also just love Spring Flowers! That bunny is too sweet. As for the flowers, God didn’t make any two the same just like people and snowflakes so I think they look great! Love the floss color used in Autumn Foliage.

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