The People Choose…Bees

Jo at Serendipitous Stitching hosts a monthly themed blog hop, as you may know by now! It is a nice way to showcase designs by theme and always interesting for me to discover what I’ve stitched that fits!

This month’s theme is bees. I have always liked bees. One day I think it would be interesting to have bees myself, but until then I will support the bees by planning my gardening around bees and butterflies.

Now, on to the stitched bees! One of my first projects upon getting back into stitching several years ago was Just Nan’s Bee Blossoms. I still love it! How about that “Bee Lace” double running stitch?

I’ve stitched lots of pieces with little bees buzzing around in them-these are from Just Nan, The Drawn Thread, and The Sweetheart Tree:

Then I have a couple recent pieces that feature bees as the star of the design:

Buzzzz from Bent Creek (I found a clip display for it! It just fits!)

Stitching Bee from Little House Needleworks :

And “June” from the Snowflower Diaries’ Joyful World Calendar:

And finally, here’s Let It Bee by The Drawn Thread which I have been working on this month! It’s not quite finished like I hoped but it’s coming along! You’ll see a finish on it soon!

I even have a bee needleminder!

To see more bee designs head back over to Jo’s and check out the other participants this month!

4 thoughts on “The People Choose…Bees

  1. Just lovely. I have had a thing about bees for a long time. I particularly like your finishing on the Little House Needleworks design. x

  2. Even if you don’t have a real hive you certainly have a lot of bees buzzing around your house! They’re all so dainty, especially when the wings are long-stitched instead of cross stitched. 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice for September. I love all your Bee designs, especially that first Just Nan with the beautiful Bee Lace.

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