Little Projects

I’ve been too ambitious this month thinking I could get so much done! As a result I have a pile of partially completed little projects I’ve been carrying around hoping to stitch on in my free moments.

First is Let It Bee from The Drawn Thread. The lattice border has slowed this one down! I’m not enjoying the perle cotton very much but there’s too much in to try something else. Otherwise it’s been a fun stitch!

I picked up an old ornament WIP, Variegated Snowflake from Fuzzy Fox Designs. It called for a Christmas colors variegated thread, red, green, and gold, but I’m using Thread Gatherer Aqua Clouds blended with a aqua blue Kreinik filament. The picture does not do it justice! I started it last year, not sure why I didn’t finish then (probably because the Kreinik is a pain!). But now it’s in my bag with the plan to get it done this month. That may not happen either but it shouldn’t be too hard to complete in the next month so it’s in the rotation!

I started a new ornament for the Christmas ornies SAL from the 2010 JCS magazine. This is by Brooke’s Books, stitched on perforated paper using a combination of called for threads and what I could scrounge up that seemed like a good match for the various Kreiniks I don’t have. I am using some of the new DMC Etoile and also some DMC Light Effects. And when I do the halo it will be with Petite Treasure Braid from Rainbow Gallery. It’s so sparkly! But also will probably not be done this month!

Finally in the interest of getting something finished for this Friday’s Smalls Check in, I’ve devoted some time to the Garden Urn Pin Pillow from Samplers Not Forgotten. It’s almost done! You’ll see it completed if you come back Friday!

7 thoughts on “Little Projects

  1. This all looks lovely. I think I would have swapped out the perle cotton for a DMC thread and used maybe anywhere between three and six strands for a thicker effect. x

    1. Oh THANKS! It’s so neat you found my blog and I am tickled that you would comment! 🙂 Now I HAVE to finish the snowflake!

  2. Nice work on the smalls, just because they are smaller, doesn’t mean they are quick! But there’s still time before Friday.

    1. That’s for sure! Little things are often so fiddly I feel like I need more and less fingers at the same time! Ha!

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