November (and October) FFOs

I didn’t get my October FFOs posted in time for the deadline last month for Rachel’s Fully Finished Object Gallery, so I saved the post and added a few to it for November! Here are 2 months of FFOs!


First I framed Let It Bee from The Drawn Thread. Cynthia made it easy on us by planning this piece for a 5×7 frame! Thanks, Cynthia!

Then, I managed to stitch my Garden Urn Pinkeep (Samplers Notforgotten) up into a pillow using all the provided finishing materials. I am considering a chenille edging. I like borders on pillows.

And then I did a couple “round things:”

I found the most perfect little pie tin ornament at Hobby Lobby-the perfect size for the Brooke’s Books Madonna and Child!

And here’s my Fuzzy Fox Variegated Snowflake (note the addition of beads) I think I need to develop a proprietary method for turning a twisted cord into a tassel at the bottom. It is tricky to do but I like it so I will probably do it again. But it needs to be easier!

And my Threadwork Primitives Quaker Carnations Pinwheel which just lacks the pins. That’s an easy addition. I would like to find the gray pearl head pins like is shown in the model. The ribbon trim is from Dames of the Needle.

And here’s what I’ve got for November:

I wanted to FFO some more ornaments that have been languishing. Here are some old ones from Mill Hill and Threedles that just needed their felt backing:

The colors for Snowbirds by Country Cottage Needleworks (JCS Ornaments 2013) are similar to the snowflake so I used some materials I bought for the snowflake to try out. Here it is:

Another little square ornament is the Little Santa from Bent Creek.

It goes with the Little Nativity from a couple years ago. (Though I’m not happy with the precision of the finish on Little Nativity so I think I will redo it). These are only about 1 1/2″ square so lack of precision shows up a lot more in these pictures than in real life!

Finally, since it was pretty simple, I got my Mini Motif Sampler put in the frame. It’s VERY cute.

12 thoughts on “November (and October) FFOs

  1. So many beautiful finishes! I really love Let It Bee and the pie tin ornament looks great. The little ones are too cute!

    1. Thank you so much! I love ornaments! I can’t wait to put up my tree in a few weeks and see the whole collection!

  2. Beautiful finishes, Mary!
    Especially love the King with all those beads, oh, and the little pie tin ornament is fabulous!
    I really would like to add beads to my stitching but do you use ordinary stranded thread? Bead needle or ordinary needle? And then how do you thread a bead needle??? Eeek! I’ve had a beading project at least a year and not a clue how to do it!
    Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t shown any cross stitch for a while, but I have some new kits and I’m hoping to change all that! Tee hee!
    Barbara xx

    1. Thank you Barbara! I think Mill Hill bead kits are SO much fun, just addictive. I use a bead needle (NOT the kind for jewelry! those are too long and they break too easily) and just a doubled over strand of floss. I lock my first bead in with the “loop” method and be sure to tie off the last one securely. I hate it when, on a fancy beaded blouse, a bead comes loose and you loose several then. Threading the bead needle is not a lot harder than a regular needle but if one time proves tricky I use an extra small needle threader. You should definitely dive into your bead project and see what you think! I will tell you one other thing that I love for beading is a Tacky Bob. What is that? It is like a CD case with an adhesive pad on each side. You put the beads in it so they can’t get away, even if you knock it over, you only lose a few. It is awesome. It does, I find, leave a little residue on some of the beads. Almost works too well! But for on the go projects, of it you like to stitch on the couch like I do, it’s a life saver so you don’t lose your beads! I should do a post on this! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you new stitching!

  3. Thanks for joining in this month with LOADS of lovely finishes in quite a few different styles. I agree about having borders around pillows; I think it just adds that finishing touch, and hides the joins between the back and front which I personally like to cover up! 🙂

    1. Thank YOU Rachel! Your SAL has been just what I needed to motivate for a successful year! My drawer is not empty, but it didn’t get any fuller this year so that’s a win! 🙂

  4. Well done! The bee finish is absolutely stunning. The frame is gorgeous. I think the pillow would look great with chenille trim. I finished a pillow with chenille this week. It was my first time using chenille, and it won’t be my last. It was a lot of fun to do and it adds a nice, fuzzy, soft edge.

    1. Thank you so much! The frame is just a $10 job from Hobby Lobby or Jo Anns! It’s that nice? I will do the chenille I think. I have a really good color in the stash. But I may not add it just yet…too many other things to do! 🙂

  5. Fantastic finishes this post! It’s hard to choose a favourite. I love the Madonna in the pie tin ornament, her face is so lovely. The Snowflake is beautiful too. I adore tiny stitching so the final sampler is a particular favourite!

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