Three end of year goals

It’s now November so I feel like it’s time to take stock of my WIPs and see what I can get done before the end of the year.

ONE: I really want to get the months done for the Joyful World Calendar. November is half done, just waiting on a thread to finish that gorgeous peacock, and put the flowers (berries?) on the branch. I hope to finish that up this week (if the thread comes! fingers crossed!). Then I will jump right into December. I plan to do the elaborate, but repetitive border, in 2020. I have just enough space for it. It is very beautiful.

TWO: Speaking of very beautiful, I do need to also finish the Hardanger on Heirloom Nativity. I got slightly discouraged but I simply must finish this before Christmas. I have new starts, and barely starteds, “burning holes in my project bags” and I can’t justify working on a big one unless I finish this. It should not be hard. Just picky, and requiring confidence. Go me!

THREE: While I have set aside my Peacock Initial for the remainder of the year, I do hope to finish the Mini Motif Sampler from The Heart’s Content. I had been working on filling in the cream background. It was slow going! And then my Ottlite broke! Oh no! I have depended on my dear Ottlite for years to be able to stitch at night. I don’t think there’s any hope for it. It still turns on but the plastic “neck” is what broke and it just hangs there all limp and sad-looking. I tried to rig it up but the lamp got hot and began to melt my rigging system so I decided not to risk a fire. I felt I might have to put it on hold until after Christmas when I may get a new Ottlite. But then I bought myself a pair of readers! They are great! They are life changing! I think they may help me actually finish it! It is my third priority for the year. Fingers crossed!

Finally, less than goals and more like wishful thinking, I have a couple of small starts hanging around, hoping for their turn in line. One is the Blackbird Designs pindrum I showed a while back. Another is a club piece from Scattered Seed Samplers. Lastly, I have a little Faby Reilly biscournu I started last year, which got set aside I know not why. It is nice and wintery. I should work on it too. If I work on smalls for the Smalls SAL, these are the ones I would most like to accomplish. For me they are actually “mediums” so they feel ambitious but who knows what I might be able to do. If I get the first 3 things on this list done, I will feel really good about this year. Check back with me soon and I’ll show you how it’s going!

4 thoughts on “Three end of year goals

  1. Good luck with striving to achieve your mini goals before the end of the year. They certainly look achievable, providing life doesn’t get in the way, that is. I hope you find a suitable replacement lamp too. I wouldn’t be able to stitch without mine so feel your loss! 🙂

  2. Your Heirloom Nativity is going to be gorgeous, I hope you finish that one soon!
    Sorry to hear about your light, but glad to hear you’ve found help with the readers in the meantime.

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