January 2020 Fully Finished Gallery

My FFOs this month were supposed to be FFOs last month, but you know how it goes around the holidays! Anyway, I am so glad Rachel has decided to continue to host the FFO Gallery so that I can share these with you now!

First is my Little Berry Thief Berry from Scattered Seed Samplers. It may be a little thief, but it is not a little berry! This thing is as big as a baseball easy, and being filled with walnut shells is quite heavy!

The designer gave very good finishing instructions, and has a tutorial with lots of pictures on her blog which was very helpful! The kit is from her club last year, and she is just starting another club this year. I will join it. I liked all the kits from 2019 very much. If you are interested too, you can sign up here!

My second FFO is this free heart design from Faby Reilly which I stitched up last year. (It was free with her newsletter last February and I think you can still get it on her Facebook fan page) .

This one was one of those finishes that had to percolate a while. When I finally had a vision for it, I was certain it would come out well, I could just SEE it like this, but I had to figure out HOW to do it. I roughly followed this tutorial, sewing the ribbon sides on, one piece at a time, turning it, and then hand sewing the final edge. A mattress pincushion! It would have been a lot easier to handsew the whole thing using all the same linen, but I loved the ribbon for the sides, I loved the pink fabric for the back, so I had to make them work! Ta Dah!

Finally, I have this little ornament.

I didn’t stitch it, my aunt made it and gave it to me in a card frame when I was a girl. Several years ago I turned it into and ornament but it was lumpy and I wasn’t thrilled with it. A little pompom trim has done it a world of good and I think it’s super cute now!

Be sure to head over to Rachel’s to see more FFOs! There are some really lovely things this month!

9 thoughts on “January 2020 Fully Finished Gallery

  1. Lovely finishes, I really like the mattress Ornament, using ribbon for the edges is a great idea.
    The strawberry is lovely too, you could use it as a doorstop if it’s nice and heavy!!
    Lovely to repurpose the gifted design too. I like pom-poms trim.

  2. I love your strawberry! And the Faby Reilly piece is beautiful! That is so adorable, the way you made up the cat piece from your Aunt!

  3. I love your strawberry. I still haven’t tried to do one yet. Maybe I will get to it this year. The Faby Reilly is so beautiful.

  4. I love your FFOs Mary! That strawberry looks fantastic and I love the design on your mattress pincushion! Congrats!

  5. Love all of your stitches Mary. I especially like your strawberry. I bought my first strawberry pattern from Erica Michaels recently and look forward to giving one a try. RJ@stitchingfriends.

  6. A belated thank you for participating this month. I love seeing different types of finishing techniques so the strawberry and mattress are two more to add to the ‘have to try’ list! 🙂

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