Toccata 1: A Stopping Point

Well, I’ve done all I can do for now on Toccata 1. Here it was last Tuesday…

And here we are today!

And now I can do no more without my missing threads. They are part of a larger order which is taking a while so I may not finish it up this month, perhaps February. That’s fine, it is good to move along and take a break from this.

The Drawn Thread truly is one of my favorites. I have stitched more designs from Cynthia than any other designer I think! (Thinking some more it probably ties with Just Nan and The Victoria Sampler) Here is a little gallery for you…

And now what to stitch next? A new start or one of my big goal projects for 2020? I’ll see how the mood strikes tonight!

4 thoughts on “Toccata 1: A Stopping Point

  1. Toccata 1 is looking incredible. Hope your threads come soon! Look forward to seeing what you decide to stitch next!

  2. Great progress. I do hope your threads arrives soon. I know how that feels to have to stop until more threads arrive. I start counting the days. I love Drawn Thread. … . bought the Let It Be pattern and will start it in the near future. We finally have a post up after 4 1/2 months so please come over and visit when you get a chance. RJ@stitchingfriends

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