First Smalls Check In of 2020!

WOW! January 2020 is OVER! I have this theory that the older you get, the faster time seems to go because when you are a kid, each minute, or hour, or day, relative to your entire life, is a larger amount of time than when you are an adult. So one day to my 40 years is a lot less than 1 day to my Natalie’s 2 years. I think it works the same way with energy, and why my kids seem to have so much more than me! There’s your deep thought for the day! Now on to the stitching!

Hey hey! I had 2 little finishes this month! First is Ode to the Ort (Basket) which I decided for sure not to put on the basket. I have the perfect little box to put it on. It will be super cute. Check in for the FFO Gallery next month and I promise to have it ready to show off!

Next I got my Mill Hill Santa finished! My kids don’t think his hat looks like a Santa hat but I think it’s handsome and a nice change up of colors. I put a new Mill Hill kit in my purse to take its place. It’s surprising how many minutes there are to stitch in the day when you have a small kit in your purse ready to go at any minute! (I do put the beads on at home though!)

I hope your 2020 stitching year is off to a great start too! I can’t wait to see what you share!

14 thoughts on “First Smalls Check In of 2020!

  1. Time does fly by the older you get. I love your finishes for the month. I love non traditional colors for Christmas so I think your Santa is beautiful.

  2. I agree with you about time. I always heard it was after having a kid. Boy they were right. My baby is going to be 22 in April. How in the world. All linked up. Thanks for hosting again.

  3. January always seems like a long month but then the rest of the year accelerates!
    Ode to the ORT is a lovely design and the Mill Hill Santa is a great addition to the series,

  4. Yes, time does seem to pass by faster, the older you get! Both the bluebird and Santa are cute. In fact, I’m planning to do the same Santa very soon!

  5. Ode to the Ort is just gorgeous, I love anything with a bird. I have never been brave enough to try beading but Love your Santa!! 2 great smalls.

  6. Mary, this is such a pretty stitch. I love the bird’s wing and the gorgeous color. What a fabulous Santa. Hope you have a lovely week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

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