New focus piece: The Pink Sparrow

So I did pick up a new focus piece for this month, and it’s going along nicely! I decided to work on The Pink Sparrow Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread.

Such pretty springtime colors

I have almost finished the first page (there are 4 pages in the pattern). Maybe I can get it done in a month!

I am also finishing up another little Mill Hill ornament. Here it is, ready for beads.

This one is special. It came to me with just a little started in a bag of things from my Grandma. I wondered why she put it down. I think maybe because she discovered she used the wrong color yellow in that center flower like motif and maybe she didn’t want to pick it out! In fact I only discovered the wrong yellow was used after I finished the cross stitches and I was comparing the the cover picture! I’m going to leave it as is. If I ever want to stitch it again, I’ll do it correctly.

12 thoughts on “New focus piece: The Pink Sparrow

  1. The new sampler is so pretty and is stitching up really quickly too,
    I prefer the yellow your Grandma started the stitching with, good choice to carry on with it.

  2. Lovely new sampler you are working on, Mary! What a treasure you were gifted; a mix of your Grandma’s stitches with yours! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I love the colours in the pink sparrow, much brighter in real life compared to the photo on the front of the chart. The mitten design is lovely, and I agree with Joanne I prefer the yellow your Grandma started with. Your snowflake ornaments are beautiful.

  3. Such pretty springtime colours indeed. Although still pastel shades they look a bot more vibrant (and better!) than the actual colours on the pattern cover. 🙂

  4. The Sparrow sampler is so pretty and your needleminder coordinates perfectly!! I would never know the yellow was the wrong color, I think it looks fine on the Mill hill kit.

  5. Great new sampler but I love that Mill Hill. How special your Grandma stitched a bit of it. I definitely wouldn’t pull it out either.

  6. Leaving it as is is the right decision. Whenever you look at it you will be reminded of your Grandma. The Pink Sparrow is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that’s what I was thinking. I really loved my dear Grandma! And since I have a several ornaments from her she is always close at Christmastime!

  7. Such a pretty sampler with beautiful colours, it looks great so far.
    Your mitten is very special, what a treasure that you’ll finish your Grandma’s start.

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