It’s been a crazy, but peaceful, time. We had spring break the 2nd week of March, and then like many schools, were told not to come back to school for one, then two, four weeks, and now the school year will be completed at home. One by one all our activities were cancelled. I have to say, I actually don’t mind the brakes suddenly being put on our too-busy life. That said, I can only get so much stitching done when the kids are all home and need food and entertainment and home-schooling supervision. I’d like to think I could get a lot of stitching done (and I might have sneak more in, to stay sane!) but the fact is, it has been and will continue to be a little nutty around our house for a while until the Coronavirus has calmed down.

So what am I working on?

I’ve made some more progress on Foxy! I am couching the perl, which is like a tiny little long, thin spring. It outlines most of him. And fills in his ears, tail and nose. I am most looking forward to the tail tip which is filled with little cuts of silver spring-tube.

I went back to the Faby Reilly snowflake biscournu I abandoned in December. I just don’t love stitching on the dark blue and I have made a lot of mistakes that have had to be fixed, mostly because I am using a black and white copy of the color pattern. I keep using the wrong color for outlining! But I want to get it done!

I started a new project, it’s called Flowers and Lace by GPA.

I am using a Belle Soie silk called Mer Bleu and Cranberry Gloriana on linen either platinum or flax. This is finished as a fancy pillow. I bought the pattern LONG after the kits were gone so I will have to come up with my own finishing materials, but it gets a strip of taupe lace down the right side and thread rings on the edge. I may leave those off. We’ll see.

And here is The Pink Sparrow. I just started working on the bottom half. It’s a joy to stitch!

I love all these projects. They are all so different but I think they have a common elegance to them which spoke to me when I purchased them in the first place.

Thanks for stopping by today and stay healthy out there!

4 thoughts on “The WIPS

  1. I am particularly loving your pink sparrow. No one will know about your mistakes in the biscornu, we can only see our own mistakes because we know that they are there and sometimes finished is just what it needs to be. x

  2. Fabulous work, I am glad the lockdown is working OK for you and your family!
    The fox is wonderful, we had one visit our garden in the middle of the day today, that was a nice surprise.

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