March 2020 Small Check In

In spite of all the upending of normal life these past few weeks I do have a few things to show you for the Smalls check in!

First I finished my Grandma’s Mill Hill Patchwork mitten. It just needs its backing felt.

I picked up a tiny little monogram fob project from La D Da…this is truly a small Small: just one initial and one little star. The fob was to go along with a scissor block which I do not have. Someone who had kept the block was giving away the fob kit and that’s how I got it. It doesn’t look like much-in fact I don’t even have a picture of it in time for the post-but it will sew up into a cute little heart.

And finally, my car’s oil line exploded last week. What a mess all over the driveway! Thankfully I had thought to stop at the mailbox on my way to the repair shop and my first Nashville order had arrived! I stitched up most of Gather Ye Rosebuds by The Purple Thread while waiting for my husband to come rescue me for what turned out to be an overnight repair job.. Gather Ye Rosebuds indeed! This is finished as a sweet little berry.

And what have you stitched this month? How many of you are finding more time to stitch…and how many have less? I think I am about the same even though we have so much less going on. I hope you will share your projects below! It is great to keep our stitching community across the miles going especially when our in-person communities are shut down!

12 thoughts on “March 2020 Small Check In

  1. I am sorry to hear about you car; what a bummer. I love your Mill Hill ornament finish and your beautiful strawberry.

  2. Beautiful detail on the mitten, you must be a very patient person to do the beading. The Strawberry is perfect for Spring!

  3. Both of your projects are looking good! I’m sorry about your car, but glad you were able to get it fixed quickly.

  4. Lovely beaded mitten, your Rose project looks great. Sorry about your car …. hope the mess isn’t too bad.

  5. The mitten is very sweet. I just spotted that one of the trees is stitched separately and then attached! That’s a lot of detail.
    The strawberry will look lovely all fully finished, maybe in time for Rachel’s FFO Gallery in April?

  6. The mitten is cute! Sorry to hear about your car but at least you got in some good stitching time.

  7. Love the mitten. Enjoy your new piece. Glad you were just in the driveway when that happened. I’ve been stitching less but I hope to fix that.

    1. Maybe…:) I have a couple other designs I’ll do up first! And my grandma actually DID make me a matching pair of a smaller design!

  8. What a sweet little mitten, I’m not sure I’ve seen that one before.
    Your little berry is going to be adorable.
    Ugh, cars! At least you were home when it happened.

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