Gifted Gorgeousness-May

Here is one final FFO for this month, double dipping with Jo’s Gifted Gorgeousness link up, a little present for my Sister-In-Law!

Ta dah!

She loves gnomes and when I saw this little guy I knew I had to make it up for her. It is just one of those little kits by Janlynn. I finished it nicely for her though instead of using the cheesy plastic frame that came with it.

This dear SIL of mine is quite the stitcher in her own right. She has made birth samplers my girls and oldest son. I am glad to show off her impeccable work! (Just don’t mind the wonky angles-these are framed with glass because they’re in the kids’ rooms and I was trying to avoid glare.)

(She got bogged down in the one for the younger son, and I told her that’s ok!)

And she is the one who made me this darling kitty banner which I have showed before:

We’re sisters-in-law but we’ve been friends since high school so I guess I’m pretty lucky! Except that we live 2000 miles apart and hardly ever see each other!

Head back to Jo’s if you want to see more Gifted Gorgeousness this month!

8 thoughts on “Gifted Gorgeousness-May

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month.

    The gnome is adorable! How nice to have something in common with your SIL too. The birth samplers make a great collection.

  2. What a cute gnome! I am sure she will love it. She is wonderful stitcher as well and I love how each child’s birth sampler is different from the others.

  3. Such a welcoming gnome, the frame looks great! Great stitchings your kids received from your SIL, charts are adorable. xxx

  4. Lovely gift to your SIL and her stitching is wonderful. So nice that your friend became a family member and you both share the love of stitching.

  5. Mary: I love the Gnome, he is adorable.
    So many beautiful designs.
    My Sister In Law is my best friend, she married my brother way back when, sadly he passed away twenty years ago, she is still part of our family.
    Have a lovely week.


  6. Awe, what a sweet little guy you made for your SIL! How wonderful that you have a hobby you both enjoy. She’s made beautiful birth samplers for your family and those kitties are adorable.

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