The Pink Sparrow is Finished


Yay! It is all finished! What a nice way to end the month and start May!

You will notice something different if you’ve seen other Pink Sparrows. I did not care for the dogs. I was sure I had seen someone, somewhere replace the dogs with cats. I could not for the life of me find a picture of it. Maybe it was on a different project. Anyway, I decided to do that too. I made calico cats using the same colors as the dogs. It was not as straightfoward as I hoped to get those cats on there, but I did it, and now it is done! I can’t wait to frame it up as soon as I am able to get out and select a frame from a “non essential business”…or maybe I will foray into online frame ordering!

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  1. Catherine Laurent

    Beautiful: It always feels good to have a finish, this is a stunning design.
    Stay Healthy


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