January Summary and February Plans

February 1! How did we get here so fast? And in that short time, was I able to get anything done? Let’s see. Progress made on Heirloom Nativity: not as much as I wanted (I wanted to finish the shepherds row) but it is getting closer. I was hindered by needing to take out the wrong color I used on the center shepherd’s robe- it is supposed to be blue! But the symbols for blue and light gold are similar. It wasn’t hard to fix but took time. Anyway, here it is on Jan 31:

If I apply myself this week I should be able to get this band done. It will be hard to resist the white lace bands coming up next when I really should head back over to Random Thoughts. I will see how I am feeling about it after I put in all the white snow! Maybe I will be over white by then!
In any case, I did finish my SALs and some extra ornaments:


Plus I finished January for Joyful World!

I also made a good start into the Lounging Hare pincushion box top:


And I started my Smalls SAL for February, another bunny rabbit, this one from Just Nan’s Hummingbead Heaven:


I have my Christmas Ornaments SAL all set up (I guess I have a lot of white in my future): 

I put the first stitches in the Mill Hill Harp which is my current pocket project (really not much to see here):

And finally I decided to try out the 10-a-day idea -where you put 10 or so stitches in a project everyday in an effort to accomplish something significant over a longer period just by working on it consistently. I’m starting today with  Just Nan’s Grow! tin which I have been putting off starting because of all the color changes. However I think for me this kind of project as a 10-a-day will work really well because then I don’t have to deal with the tedium of swapping colors every other minute during a long stitch session. I will just do a little each day.

This project is about 900 stitches. That means about 90 days. Figuring this out makes me wonder what will drive me battier- taking 3 months to make such a teeny thing or just dealing with the color changes! Maybe I will split the difference and put a big more than 10 a day. I’m all about following the spirit of the idea if not the technicalities. 
This may be my longest post yet! Thanks for reading it!


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