Two Little Finishes and My New Focus Project

I got my 2 little WIPS dones last week, they were quickies!

Here is the Christmas Ornament from GPA. This was so enjoyable to stitch with luscious silks! It would work for any number of color combinations. I like designs like that, those that can really show off the threads. I am thinking a rich purple or red would be equally lovely. Hmm…

And here is the “Out on a Limb” pin cushion from Chessie and Me. I just love that little bird nest! It is actually quite secure even though it is just a couched coil of thread!

Both of these have very straightforward finishing techniques so look to see them again soon.

On Mother’s Day I went back to my birthday stitch, Rosewood Manor’s Autumn Quakers. Oh my, it is drawing me in and will be my May stitch I do believe.

After letting it sit a bit over April, I decided to change a couple of the colors I had originally chosen. Once stitched with only one strand, the orange and purple just weren’t rich enough. Another stash dive produced substitutes with which I am VERY happy. If there wasn’t so much green on there already, I would have picked something a little less bright and a little more olive. But this doesn’t bother me as much as the others did. Foward ho!

6 thoughts on “Two Little Finishes and My New Focus Project

  1. Your ornament looks lovely and I see many beautiful colour possibilities!
    Sweet Out on a Limb finish, I love the colours, and beautiful progress on your sampler.

  2. Beautiful work. It would look amazing stitched in DMC 729 on a dark red fabric!
    I love the colours in Autumn Quakers too.

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