Spring and Fall…

…Are the themes of my work this week.

I’ve been working in Autumn Quakers from Rosewood Manor. Such a delight!

And Jump Into Spring from Jeannette Douglas.

Jeannette Douglas is such a marvelous designer. Her creative use of specialty stitches and variety of threads make her designs so fun to stitch! I’m really enjoying this piece.

I’m not a big floss tube watcher, mostly because when I have a chance for a long stitch it’s usually watching TV with my husband and if my husband’s not there, I am listening to an audiobook. And because frankly I have not yet found a floss tube channel yet that I’ve felt is a must watch! Until this week! I watched Kim at Sassy Jack Stitchery show off the Jeannette Douglas trunk show and my oh my what a lot of pretty things. Plus Kim’s voice was so soothing and her manner so calm and organized and down to earth, I may have found my floss tube! Anyway if you are not familiar with either Jeannette Douglas or Sassy Jacks, it is worth a watch to find out about them. Here is the link to the floss tube! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Spring and Fall…

  1. Oh! Both of these floral pieces are gorgeous Mary! I checked out the Flosstube. She is nice to watch, but I am like you I guess. Not a big Flosstube watcher.

  2. These are both gorgeous. The Rosewood Manor piece is my absolute favourite, love those autumnal colours.
    I do enjoy FlossTube as I am not really a fan of TV these days. I do find myself tuning in to the designer and shop owner channels more these days so I will definitely look at Sassy Jack’s channel.

  3. Mary: Such stunning Samplers, I love the colors in the first one they really stand out.
    Jeanette Douglas has a flair for matching the perfect colors of threads, this sampler is so soft and pretty looking with these colors.
    I do not watch flosstube do to I cannot stop with one or five I just keep watching and end up wasting the day.


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