May Recap

Well, that was quick! Poof, May is gone! Here’s how my projects stand:

I did not get to a good stopping place on Autumn Quaker so I’ll just keep working on it in June. Maybe it’s about a third done? It doesn’t matter. I really like stitching on it.

Next is Jump Into Spring.

Jump Into Spring had an adventure last week called Jump Into the Pool. I stitch this one while watching the kids swim and put it down for a minute. The next thing I knew my son had pulled the chair I was sitting in into the pool with the whole project bag and everything. He was very apologetic. Well, the paper pattern was spoiled but not beyond use, and there’s a tiny bleed around the red flower on the right, but everything else survived the dunk, even my antique wood hoop which was my main concern. Fortunately I keep my floss in plastic baggies and they were all zipped up! I will still stitch by the pool but perhaps a bit further away.

I made a new start last week, something I couldn’t resist when I was putting away things and came across it in my stash. This is Celestial Collaboration Stars in Bloom from Just Nan:

I’m missing one thread! Gah! Actually, according to my list, I do own the thread in question, but I can’t find it. It is probably kitted with something else. This is cute and will be done soon, if I ever can find DMC 225! I love the peacock charm!

I will just keep working on these in June, at least for the next couple weeks. I hope everyone is having a nice summer!

5 thoughts on “May Recap

  1. All of your projects have such beautiful colours. But no more jumping in the pool to create new ones! I hope you find your missing thread soon.

  2. Oh no, I have had a few splashes at bath-time but never a complete dunking! I really cannot see the red bleed at all.

    Love all three designs this post. I have the collaboration but haven’t started it yet as it a little larger than my Maynia Smalls. It is gorgeous though and nice to see it stitched up.

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