July Plans

This month I’m going to try hard not to start anything new. I have plenty to work on.

I definitely plan to finish up my Silk and Satin project from Betsy Morgan. I got my missing silk color and it’s quite close to a finish.

I like working on this little crewel rocking horse ornament. It’s a fun diversion and small. It would be nice to get it done too.

I have been working on Jane Marshall and it’s smooth sailing now that I’ve carefully marked all the colors on the chart. I’ll see how much I can do. It’s my “watching kids swim” project.

You know I have several big projects…I’ll pick one of those to continue with: Frosty Knotgarden, Autumn Quaker, and my Joyful World SAL. I think the BAP for this month must be Joyful World. It’s my oldest active WIP at this point and it deserves a finish! No picture of it today as I haven’t started in on it but look for it soon!

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