And *now* it’s done


It took some reworking and some final touches but now the reticule stitching is now for real and absolutely finished and all that remains is the the assembly.

I got the original design for the monogram out of this Dover book of monograms which has a monogram for every pair of letters. As I mentioned before, the original monogram wasn’t quite perfect-the right size in general but not quite the best shape for filling the space and not quite as fancy as I wanted (Betsy Morgan’s “EM” is one of the fanciest monograms in the book and is part of what drew me to this project! I really wanted something quite fancy but I didn’t want to make it so big I’d have to stitch it over one).

I redesigned it twice and even started stitching one of those designs. As I was stitching it, I saw a way to make it better which only required a bit more tweaking and so back to the drawing board a third time. If redoing the stitching was as easy in real life as designing on the computer, I would scoot it up a stitch or too and maybe taper it into the point better but overall I’m happy.

After getting the monogram stitched I found there was some finishing stitching that needed to be done: the buttonhole edging on the inside edge…

and the hebedo stitch and beading on the pointy end of the envelope…

Finished it up last night and NOW I can assemble!

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    1. Hi Terri! Oh my no! The whole project is by the wonderful Betsy Morgan! The monogram…I started with the MH monogram out of the Dover book of charted monograms and I extended the swirls off the H to wrap around on top and bottom and take up more space. Initially (ha ha!) they just started under the arches of the M and went straight down to the end of the M “legs” and looked like high heel shoes! I also added the extended point down the middle of the M to make it fit into the point of the envelop flap. I do like how it came out…and that I didn’t have to stitch over 1 (this linen band is not very nice to stitch on.)

  1. This is stunning, what a wonderful project. I love the colours and the monogram is just perfect. Can’t wait to see this fully finished.

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