Stitching all the things!


What am I working on? EVERYTHING! I’ve been busy this week. I finished the shepherds band! It is lovely. I put in the very first stitch on the lace and then I resisting continuing. I will pull out Random Thoughts tonight. I will put in the lace when I’ve made some progress on RT.  Here is Heirloom Nativity so far:

I started Joyful World February. Here is the little fox and crow checking out what is going on next door:

I am panicking a little on this because I bought exactly as much fabric as Maja called for in 36 ct, 33″ square. This should allow a 3 inch border. I measured very carefully. I started exactly 3″ inches in, in the corner. BUT. She gave a beautiful floral border to finish the piece and I hope there will be enough room. I mean, there will be enough room for the border, but I had an idea to hemstitch the whole thing when it is done and I HOPE there is enough room for that. Or at least to frame it! It’s going to be tight. At first I wasn’t sure there was enough room for an even edge but I measured, counted, measured, counted, panicked and finally saw yes, it is set up perfectly. But that means there’s no wiggle room for me. I have to execute it perfectly. No pressure or anything!

Here’s how I’m coming on my 10-a-day. I’m doing a bit more than 10 a day to be honest. Nan has this set up so it makes more sense to do 12 or 16 or 24 a day! That’s fine. I like to see it moving along. It is nice to put just one color in at a time and watch it grow. And since it’s called “grow!” it’s very appropriate! At the rate I am going, I will get the tin topper and the pin cushion made this year and that will make me very happy!

The other two things in the top picture are my February SALs: Bunny Hop by Just Nan and Two Turtle Doves. There’s not a lot to see with them yet, so maybe next time!

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