August FFO Gallery: Silk and Satin Reticule

Hooray Hooray! I have a completed project! Of course if you have been following along you knew my FFO for this month would be the Silk and Satin Reticule from Betsy Morgan. I felt so lucky to get a chart of this project which was retired when I discovered it. I was able to assemble the materials. It was wonderful to stitch (I love satin stitch). I had to extend the pattern because my banding was wider than it was charted for, but I really like the expanded pattern and it worked out really well-look at the diamond pattern here on the back, and the hearts-perfect! I was so relieved the extended pattern just lined up and didn’t cut anything off awkwardly. It was a stitching miracle!

It is lined with silk from Thailand which my husband brought back for me after a business trip last year. He asked what souvenir I would like and I had this most wonderful brainstorm–I said if he found a fabric shop that sold silk would he get some in several colors. Well, he really came through! He found a shop called Queen Silk and brought me 1 full yard in coral, deep red, cream, and this gorgeous green. I am sure the ladies in the shop were surprised to have an American business man in buying silk-and not enough to make a dress! (They told him to bring me back to get a dress made but sadly with corona that will not be possible anytime soon!) Having the lining fabric was the inspiration to do this project right away. Here is the lining inserted. I actually enjoyed the process of sewing in the lining by hand because it went along so easily.

The sides are sewed up with beads on each pass and makes it really nicely finished. It is supposed to have a beaded fob and loop closure but honestly, the tip of the envelope goes all the way to the edge and I think something dangling down would detract. And it is plenty fancy. I will try to find a sew- in magnetic snap or something I think. I wish I had had that idea before finishing it so I could hide it in the lining but c’est la vie! I love it!

Many thanks again to Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher for hosting this Gallery! Please head back to her blog for others’ great finishes this month!

7 thoughts on “August FFO Gallery: Silk and Satin Reticule

  1. That is just absolutely beautiful, probably the most gorgeous FFO for the entire year of the challenge!
    I love the idea of getting fabric as a souvenir. My sister does the same thing. She likes to travel light and support local businesses so she always buys fabrics and trims then make bags out of them when she gets home.

    1. Oh you are too kind! Thank you so much! I really like it. I have another chart from this designer which is equally pretty. The fabric as souvenir is really ideal. I used to collect Christmas ornaments from each place we went but I have too many now. And I don’t need more knick knacks but some little craft supplies particular to the place you go are so meaningful.

  2. What a fabulous finish, it’s beautiful! I hope that sometime in the future you’ll be able to go and get that dress made.

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