Back to Work

We’re only halfway through September and I feel like it’s been a productive month. What do I stitch next? Not meaning a new start, but what WIP should I focus on now?

Of course with Bathya I’ve got my work cut out for me. I have dreams of finishing the white work this month and making a start on the first bit of color in the alphabet band under it. I’m pretty sure that’s a reasonable goal as I’m about half done with the whitework. See? The top line of letters is finished: “I Bathya Wormo (what a name!)”.

I need a small for the smalls check in on the 25th. That’s only 10 days away! I think I’ll work on the Stacy Nash pinkeep/needlebook thing for that. It’s just about done. There are a lot of little do dads scattered around the background of this so it’s not quite as close as it looks.

I’d like to spend some time with my Blackbird Designs Strawberry Garden. Both this and the Stacy Nash require a lot of counting concentration so I have to do them when I’m fresh and can focus. Well we’ll see. I can probably finish one and do a little work on the other before October 1.

6 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. You are right, what a name! I love that small there! Hope you can finish it by the check in!!

    1. I do love working with the AVAS silks on Bathya! The color palette once I get down to the floral bands are really beautiful-blue white yellow pink and red.

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