Deerfield-A New Start

I think, to modify that famous quote from Jane Austen, “it is a truth universally acknowledged…” that obtaining a complete kitted up project calls for a new start! Do you ever kit something and just let it sit there? Or once you have pulled all the threads and have decided on your linen do you have to start it right then?

I got this chart for Deerfield by Chartmakers a while ago. I just really loved the symmetry, and liveliness, and the colors in it. Also it’s not so big. I had some of the colors but not all of them and NPI silks are a little pricey. But I found what I needed on sale last month so got the last 3 I needed! I also had a really nice piece of linen. So I had to give it a start. It is the perfect thing for that vacated project bag. And, it will be a nice thing to have in the rotation for winter. Here it goes!

5 thoughts on “Deerfield-A New Start

  1. Such a pretty new start, Mary! I’ve never seen this one, but it is lovely… And how nice to get a deal on silks–that doesn’t happen very often. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. Thank you! It is out of print. When I saw it I loved it. There is something about it that just really nice. I got my silks from 2 sources-one the lady on Facebook who is the designer of Hewitt Hill samplers, and some also from Needlecraft Corner. Needlecraft Corner is the most reliable sale pricing on silks. I wait for my birthday coupon from them. Of course if I just need one or two colors I make it an excuse to go to The Attic! 🙂 Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. Lovely new start. Kitting things up was a new concept to me when I started blogging. I couldn’t believe that people buy a whole set of threads for each design! I have always worked from my master set although I do now check if I need a whole skein for something to avoid dyelot changes!

    1. Thank you! I do not buy new threads for each design-this is a new idea to me too when I started hearing about it-a lot of investment in threads! And the point of kitting yourself, I think, is so you don’t need to buy 1 of each things of each new project! What I do is I make projects share threads and I put a note in the “inactive” kit where to find the thread, and in the “active” kit about where the thread should go when I’m done with it if I’m not supposed to put it in my stash storage. I don’t have so many projects kitted at once that it’s a problem. I also don’t stitch huge things most of them time. I imagine people doing HAEDs and big samplers would want a dedicated set to each of their projects. Whatever works, right?

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