October FFO Gallery

We were on fall break this past week* so I didn’t have a lot of time to finish things up, so I tried to get most of it done before we left. I also didn’t have too much recently stitched to FFO anyway. I made the Pensee Sauvage by Samplers Not Forgotten into a pillow per the kit instructions.

Oh my goodness, I am glad this was a heavily patterned fabric. I cut one of the sides an inch too short and had to sew the pieces together and recut! You can hardly tell-the patched together side is on the back. I’m not sweating it. It came out really cute.

I also put together the Stacy Nash Summer Garden needlebook. The instructions were really good. This was not too hard to accomplish. I learned a new thing too-how to finish a small on both sides of a cardboard shape when only using 1 piece of cardboard. That will come in handy for ornaments and such.

Finally, I finished Chubby Bird from Jeannette Douglas into the example tart pan finish:

I followed Vonna’s tutorial. But I did A LOT of lacing of the back after gathering it with a drawstring. Lacing really is the KEY to getting a round shape with no lumps. It is totally worth the extra effort!

Thank you Rachel for hosting us for this SAL! Head back to Ten Hour Stitcher to see more FFOS!

*Where did we go on Fall Break? Well, we’ve been cooped up since March due to Covid of course. It was time to get out and do something. We headed up to Sedona and Flagstaff to see some fall color, then to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. I love our amazing scenery out here in the Southwest US!

doesn’t it look like Narnia??
North Rim of the Grand Canyon-the morning light and haze from the CA wildfires and other pollution was not too good for pictures
Zion National Park from Canyon Overlook
View from near Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon
“Queen’s Garden” so named because one of the rock formations looks like a famous statue of Queen Victoria. We took the kids on the 3 mile hike down to the floor of the Bryce Ampitheater and back up. It was a long way down and a longer way up. About a 4.5 hour hike for little legs!
View from Sunset Point, the structure on the right (casting the small shadow that looks a little like a person with a square head) is the Hammer of Thor

11 thoughts on “October FFO Gallery

  1. All of your finishes are lovely Mary, but I really LOVE the pansies!
    Your vacation was GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Your finishes are lovely. I would love to know the trick to using only one piece of cardboard to finish a double sided shape. That would come in very handy. Your trip looks magnificent. I have to be satisfied with the view out of my window, but I’m glad to share your vacation virtually. Take care.

  3. Gorgeous work Mary, I love the pretty pansies and how you have finished the Summer Garden Needlebook. Thank you for sharing such amazing photos.

  4. Mary: What beautiful finishing, I love the coordinating fabric with the Pansy’s, the Needlebook is beautiful, your bird finish is so sweet, I love using tins for finishing.
    What a beautiful set of vacation photos, wow.
    Have a great week


  5. Lovely finishing work. I would also like to know the finishing trick!
    You have some stunning scenery where you live, wonderful photos.

  6. Beautiful finishing this month! Thanks also for all the beautiful pictures of your fall break!

  7. They are both beautiful finishes, I really love the way the pillow is finished.
    Wow, great photos of your trip! We’ve been to Sedona, but would love to explore more out there.

  8. Thanks for joining in with more gorgeous FFOs. I really must try a tart finish one day.
    Your photos are stunning. Glad you had a good autumn break. 🙂

  9. What gorgeous finishes, Mary! I love the sweet needlebook especially! And I so enjoyed your photos. We took a trip to Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon way back in the year 2000 (doesn’t that sound like eons ago?!) when my oldest son graduated from high school. I fell in love with Bryce especially and do hope to visit it again along with Sedona. Now that my husband and I are both retired these are the things we should be doing, but we are pretty much staying at home now that the pandemic seems here to stay for a while. We did fly out to see our baby grandson in CA twice since July, but that’s it… Thank you for bringing back such nice memories 🙂

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