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Well, February was a short month. And the last Friday came up quickly! And I’ve been going to bed early instead of staying up late stitching, which is a great thing, but it’s killing my productivity! Those are my excuses! So, I have to cheat and submit only this little ornament (which is even just my backup offering for the Christmas Ornies SAL this month) as my Small finish for this month. It’s really the only thing I have! And I guess it is just fine as Heather made the trumpet this month for the group!

Harp from Mill Hill’s Musical Instrument Ornament Series-I just have the drum and violin left to make in this series.

The good news is I have so many things so close to finished in the WIP queue that soon there will be a lot to look at! If I can keep my eyes open past 8:30 one of these nights to work on them!

Thanks for bothering to come over and visit me!

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