October Stitching Update

Over fall break, I only got a little bit of stitching done on Oakley Owlet. I just could not stitch in the car on the windy roads we were on, and after all the hiking each day, I was too tired to stay up and stitch! So here is my tiny little start:

Once home I was eager to get back to Autumn Quakers. I’ve made a bit of progress, starting many motifs and finishing none! You know though, it will be satisfying to fill in the missing bits and have a bunch of motifs come to a finish all at once.

My main issue with this project is one color-the light orange.

The color I started using for this symbol turned out to have too much mauve in the variation-it is more pinkish than orange even though when it’s piled up there is looks to be a good choice. The second orange that I chose is too light and bright-in person especially it sticks out like a sore thumb. You can really tell in the bouquet where it is supposed to be a subtle shift of rusty orange to dark red. I just don’t think the super light orange goes very well with the richness of the other colors. I’ve hunted through my stash twice and come up empty-I just don’t have a lot of oranges! So, I think I’m going to have to go shopping!

2 thoughts on “October Stitching Update

  1. I share your frustration with the difficulty in getting the ‘right’ orange thread for your Autumn Quaker sampler. Until I started Halloween stitching a couple of years ago, orange was a colour that I didn’t haven’t much of. It was a surprise to discover how much variation there is in it.

  2. Nice start on the Owl. Shame about the threads not being quite right for the Quaker though. I do like the darker shade but it does depend on how it stitches up.

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