How’d I do?

At the beginning of October I had GOALS. I met them. I am proud! Yay!

I finished (FFO’d) the 2 small projects I wanted to get done.

I got the stitching done on 2 “bonus” smalls:

And, I made great progress on Autumn Quakers:

The little mauve leaf at the bottom right is the bottom of the sampler. So I can see the finish line! And I even resolved my orange silk issue. See how much better?

I’m going to aim for a finish on Autumn Quakers this month. I don’t think that will be too hard!

I have a few smalls I’d like to work on. I will try to finish one for the smalls check in. Both are from clubs I was in last year. They are:

La D Da’s Holly Drum from De Handewerk Boetiek Pindrum club and Jeanette Douglas’ Cozy into Winter from The Silver Needle Circle of Friends.

I have decided NO CLUBS next year. (But if you want to join either of these, sign ups have just started and I linked the shops above!) I myself have enough to work on. I actually have a BIG FUN PLAN. I will share it with you later this month.

5 thoughts on “How’d I do?

  1. Mary: You have so many beautiful designs to share.
    Your samplers are stunning.


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