A Monogram and One Last Motif

Autumn Quakers…what can I say? It has become a completely engrossing stitch as I near the finish. All I have left is a monogram for inside that green wreath at the bottom right and the last large leafy motif at the bottom left. I had my iron out so I pressed the whole thing to give you a nice picture before I head to the finish line this week.

For those just joining, I’m stitching 1 over 2 on 36 ct Doubloon from Picture This Plus (the recommended color though it calls for 28 ct) with my own silk conversion. I did not really care for the alphabet that came in the chart for my monogram. The letters are too small to be in proportion for the opening in the wreath and they are on a hard slant which I think looks awkward. Karen Kubla, the designer of Rosewood Manor, encourages stitchers at every turn to be creative and make the design how you like. So I have no qualms about using a different M. I have this wonderful book of alphabets where I found a good one.

What is so great about this book is the alphabets are organized in size order so you flip to the section where the letters are all, say, 26 crosses (or points-its a French book) tall and there they are! You pick one from that section to meet your requirement!

So today I will do the “M” and start in on this big leafy scroll-y thing. I really like this last motif and I believe it uses ALL the colors. It will be fun to stitch.

5 thoughts on “A Monogram and One Last Motif

  1. Oh, Mary, your autumn Quaker is looking perfectly lovely! And I’m looking forward to what “M” you choose to stitch. That looks like a well-used and wonderful book. I wonder if I could find it on ebay? Will have to check… Enjoy your week!

    1. Thank you! I did get my book used. It can be pricey but I think I lucked out on eBay or maybe Thriftbooks? Anyway it’s out there if you want it, you just have to be patient to get it affordably!

  2. This looks stunning! I love the colours and the motifs. That book sounds great and very useful too. Looking forward to seeing this one complete.

  3. Oh my I have had the same problem trying to find the perfect alphabet, 844 is large number to choose from, I am looking forward to seeing the one you choose.
    Your Sampler is stunning.


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