Progress and A Finish

I have been working on my La D Da Holly Drum. I just have the top and bottom to complete. It should be ready for the Smalls check in on Friday!

FINALLY I have gotten my last threads for my Drawn Thread Toccata 1! Do you remember this piece from FEBRUARY? I had ordered the last 3 threads I needed from a shop, along with some other things. Well, the other things never came in so my order was never shipped. As it approached the end of the year I was getting antsy to finish. I ordered the threads I needed from some other shops (none are carried by my local shop and I was tired of waiting for things to be special ordered!) One by one they’ve come in this month and look, it is done:

The specialty stitches in this were so fun. There was just enough to get the hang of something without getting tired of it. And I really love the hem stitch border!

I am eager to get a new project into the vacated project bag! What will it be?

4 thoughts on “Progress and A Finish

  1. Wow, That DT finish is spectacular, Mary… Love all the various stitches–and you’ve done them so well. I have no idea how to hem-stitch. Is it difficult? It really finishes off the piece so well. Take care now and have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family!

    1. Thank you! Hemstitching is not hard! You have to pull out 1 thread completely all the way around. Then you pull out an adjacent thread to the “corner” and weave the loose end in to fill in the border of the linen where the thread was removed. That leave a rectangle of 2 missing threads. (at least on this piece-I’m sure you could do more). Then it is a very simple stitch to gather up every 4 threads or so to make that pattern. That part is quite fun and satisfying. You should try it! It is worth the effort! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The Holly Drum is going to look lovely all finished up.
    Toccata is wonderful, you’d think they would have asked if you wanted the threads they did have, after that long anyway!
    It does look great in the close-ups , so many pretty stitches and beautiful colours.

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