A quick stitch and what I’ll be stitching in December

I realized suddenly this month that I don’t think I’ve stitched any Christmas ornaments this year! Well, I had to change that state of affairs! A while ago I had kitted an ornament from Just Cross Stitch Magazine 2001. It is called Gemstone Heart by Hermanson Hardanger. Since it was ready to go, I picked it up. Except for the beads, I got it done in 3 sessions. I accidentally changed the color of those big Rhodes squares-they should be the cream color. But I do like them sparkly so I left them. So fancy! This will be the dreaded heart finish. I will do my best to have it ready for the tree this year anyway, if I can get the beads. I need copper color beads and I do not have anything that fits the bill.

These are my first picots! I’m not sure I did them correctly as they twist every which way but I think they are cute.

For December I plan to keep working on Deerfield, a very enjoyable stitch.

I’m also going to work on Cozy Into Winter by Jeannette Douglas. I have a small start on it:

Maybe I’ll do a Mill Hill ornament too for my small as I haven’t done one of those this year yet either! Shame on me!

I’ll fill in any gaps with BBD’s Strawberry Garden. I don’t plan to hustle to finish it but it would be nice to have it close enough to be the first finish of 2021. That would get the new year off to an auspicious start, just what we need right?

6 thoughts on “A quick stitch and what I’ll be stitching in December

  1. Mary: Your Christmas designs are lovely, I love the sparkly thread, I think it is perfect.
    I would love to send you some beads, I have many, I will email you a photo of the colors I will be sending if you send me you address, free of charge, I have so many beads.
    Let me know.


  2. That is a beautiful Christmas Ornament. I’ve stitched a few this year but not actually fully finished many! And none in the
    difficult heart shape.
    By the way, the fields to enter the sign in data still don’t show below this box. I just know where to click!

    1. Thanks, Jo! It was fun to stitch!

      Thank you for letting me know that about my comment box-I can see it on my screen, in all 3 browsers I have tested and on my phone so I don’t know what is going on!! I have been having so many issues with WordPress lately. I think my blog template is outdated and I need to change the whole thing. Ugh. I dread the thought of having to do that!

  3. Oh, such lovely stitching, Mary! I am not good with sparkly threads–they always make me frustrated! I just completed a Just Nan deer with them and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it. But, it’s done and I do like the final result. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

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