December 2020 FFOs

I’m linking up with Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher for the last Fully Finished Object Gallery of 2020! I was not sure I could get any of my pieces FFO’d this month so anything counts as a triumph!

First, of course I HAD to do my daughter’s rocking horse ornament. Here it is on the tree.

Oof. This was the most ridiculous finish I have ever made with that open shape between the legs and the turkey work mane. I had to ladder stitch that space closed, all stuffed, with the fabric unraveling , the stuffing trying to escape everywhere, my big ole fingers trying to hold it all together. I needed an extra hand! I ruined quite a few good pins! Yikes. And my fingers were SORE!

Then I made up my La D Da drum. It was not so hard, just took a little “doing.”

The Holly Pin is from Just Another Button Co. I couldn’t resist it!

And finally, I can take no credit for this, but here is my framed Heirloom Nativity from The Victoria Sampler.

I did finish it last year, but waited to frame it until things settled down this year. It was a little early Christmas gift to myself. Sandy at The Attic got it done very quickly for me so I could display it at Christmas. Didn’t she do a wonderful job? I love how the floral scrolls and diamond pattern in the frame echoes the whitework in the lacey bands. I love how the red fabric behind the hardanger is the very perfect shade of red. I love everything about it. It truly is an heirloom! I would like to stitch the Heirloom Christmas one as well-the one with the Christmas tree on top. I think it is a bit shorter but just as pretty. I will have to look into that.

Once more this year, THANK YOU to Rachel for hosting this fantastic SAL. I appreciate the opportunity to share my FFOS so much, and for you all coming to see them!

5 thoughts on “December 2020 FFOs

  1. Thanks for taking part again, even if you did have to sacrifice pins, skin (and blood?) to achieve one of your finishes this month, you poor thing! I take it you’ll never be making another ornament like the that again?!
    They all look fantastic, but wow! to Heirloom Nativity! Your framer has done the perfect job. It seems quite a few of us have had big pieces framed this month in time for Christmas.
    Have a great Holiday, and see you next year? 🙂

  2. Your rocking horse is beautiful and I love the pin drum, I think 2021 is time for me to do a few different things than just ornament finishing. That’s a beautiful nativity.

  3. Despite the frustrations of finishing at least you can be satisfied that the rocking horse is completed. I like your drum finish. I’d like to do one myself. Your Heirloom Nativity is gorgeous.

  4. Lovely finishing this month. That rocking horse does look very complicated but you did a great job finishing it.
    Same with the drum, it’s nice to try these different finishes.
    The Victoria Sampler is just stunning, your handanger is beautiful much neater than mine!

  5. Beautiful rocking horse ornament, fun and colourful and the Heirloom Nativity is gorgeous in a perfect frame. It has been months since I have been trying to comment on your blog. Trying to post a comment always shows up as èrror´and one can´t see `fields to be completed´. Can you put this right? I´m sure many people want to make comments and can´t. Another blogger helped me. You also show as `no reply´ which doesn´t help us get in touch with you.

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