Last start of 2020, first start of 2021

On December 31st I made one very last new start for 2020. This is Token of Love by Samplers Not Forgotten.

I fell in love with this Nashville kit and had to have it. I was planning to start it all year and never got to it. Well look! After all I did start it in 2020! I think I will make it my small for this month. You can see it’s about 1/2 done with 3 stitching sessions. (I needed something easy to take along this weekend at my in-laws-the most social we’ve been in ages!) The upper lobe of the heart is almost solid flowers so that will take more time. It is finished as a heart pillow (of course.) (I’m really going to have to buckle down on those heart finishes for a grand February post).

On January 1st I dove right into one of what I guess will be one of my most challenging stitches this year. You maybe saw my plans, back in November, to stitch favorite projects from my stash, to stitch my “bucket list.” Here is Amy Mitten’s Summer Casket Keepsake Butterfly.

Here is my 3 nights of stitching so far.

There are 8 wing pieces. I have done the satin stitching on 1 1/2 of the easiest ones, starting with the 2 which will be the most hidden. I picked these 2 to start so I have a chance to get used to the materials: silk perle (I think) on silk satin. The silk is printed with the color you are to stitch on that spot, with the open areas being for the felt (needle keep) panel. Your satin stitch doesn’t have to be perfect because of the ground being printed. That is a great help! Though I think my satin stitching is looking ok!

This project is taking a lot of concentration and is going slow because I am doing my best on it. I am not sure if my best is competent. I hope someday someone who knows a lot about embroidery will be able to tell me that and give me a passing grade on this!

4 thoughts on “Last start of 2020, first start of 2021

  1. That butterfly is fabulous! It does look like a lot of work but will be well worth it. I can see why this was top of your list for a new start this year.
    The heart is beautiful too. I hope you will be signing up for my Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop when I do the post!

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