Slow Progress.

This was supposed to be an end of January progress report but that didn’t work out. Sorry! It’s definitely slower stitching these days. Many tiny tiny stitches make it seem like one stitching session doesn’t result in much progress. But over time it adds up I guess.

I finished the 4th inner wing of Amy Mitten’s butterfly.

I’m ready to do the next step with this project before doing the outer wings. That should go a bit quicker, then I’ll dive in to more satin stitching. Don’t get me wrong, the satin stitching is rather easy in itself. You just follow the color and there’s no counting. But you do have to pay close attention to make sure the stitches are all parallel because if you start to go off it looks bad.

Here’s Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose, coming along. It is not so big but it is taking a long time too! Most of those motifs is made up of numerous different specialty stitched in different colors so while the effect is stunning it is time consuming and painstaking work. But that is what I said I wanted this year!!

I took off the offending thick thread on the wrapped bars and adjusted that left alphabet to fit so I wouldn’t have to restitch the whole thing. In the process I discovered several more counting issues (!) which all had to be rectified in order to make this a square. It was all the fault of one missing stitch which set the whole thing askew. I think I’ve got it now! I’m so glad I caught it when I did! After fixing the problems, I was able to add a few more motifs on there and borders.

I also have worked on my First Garden from Canevas Folies.

I am stitching with the recommended colors, but to be honest I kind of wish I have been bold enough to pick my own colors after all. I am learning a lesson here! And not just about stitching but about trusting myself.

This is supposed to be finished as a wallet/pocket. I never wanted to do that. I think I will do my own thing with the finish and make it into a zip top bag or box top. And since that will only use half the linen, I think I could restitch it on the other half with my own colors. Or maybe just even make my own garden! My second garden! It’s an idea anyway.

4 thoughts on “Slow Progress.

  1. Catherine Agnes is beautiful and it is worth the slower pace of stitching.
    I like the colours of First Garden. I admit that I tend to be nervous about choosing my own. After reading Mary Corbet’s review of Stitch Palettes I hope to be more confident in choosing embroidery colours using the guidance of this resource.

    1. I looked into Stitch Palettes too! It’s such a neat tool! I hope that it will stay available and not be turned into a paid service-or if it becomes paid it is reasonable!

  2. Wonderful work on all three pieces. The Indigo Rose is my favourite of them all.
    I think the idea of stitching another garden is your own colours is a lovely idea.

  3. Your work on the Catherine Agnes design is absolutely stunning. The colours are so beautiful and rich. I usually love any pattern which contains acorns too! I have a number of Indigo Rose patterns and seem to love anything which Catherine Strickler designs. Today’s the day I shall be starting my first one. The linen and silks arrived this morning and I just can’t wait to start the first stitch! The pattern is called Jester’s Bliss and has a similar gorgeous array of purples, greens and blues to the Catherine Agnes sampler. It would be lovely to see more of your Catherine Agnes as you progress with it.

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